What are the symptoms of Babesia?

Babesia test

What are the symptoms of Babesia?

Since these tiny single-celled parasites are inside red blood cells any organ can be impacted. Sweats, chills, headaches, and fatigue are common.

What is the treatment for Babesia infections? Atovaquone 2 tsp. twice a day with omega-3 fat.

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What is the treatment for Babesia infections?

Atovaquone 2 tsp. twice a day with omega 3 fat, Malarone 2 twice a day, artesunate 2 twice a day, Larium 1-2 each day if no psychiatric side effects, primaquine 1-2 per day after testing G6PD, Dapsone 150–400 mg/day after G6PD check to confirm a normal level, tafenoquine 1 OR MORE PER WEEK, azithromycin (Zithromax) of 1000mg–1500mg/day, Methylene Blue might help at 250–300mg/day, Herbs cryptolepis and others (Schaller 2023 Herb book). select edible essential oils clovanol, garlic, cinnaminol, oreganol (published in Biofilms book #1 Amazon free on personalconsult.com).

Babesia and Treatments?

Babesia is tiny parasites inside red blood cells that can affect any organ. Babesia can be treated naturally with cryptolepis and artesunate discussed in the books below. And some edible essential oils may kill Babesia such as other garlic, clovanol, clove oil and cinnaminol. Essential oils and powerful herbs are discussed in a very clear fact- based 2023 Herb and Essential Oil book. Essentail oils also discussed in Biofilms which is free on personalconsult.com

Synthetic medications are discussed in The Diagnosis and Treatment of Babesia free on personalconsult.com

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