The Schaller Morgellons Philosophy of Treatment

James Schaller, MD, MAR

The first error we see in treating patients sent to us by smart and gifted health care practitioners, is that the number of lab tests is far too small. Also, despite the fact I write on, invent, and believe in, many types of alternative progressive medicine, some of the testing done in this area will help a person to live a long life, but not explain why the person is in medical Morgellons' hell right now.

Therefore, one needs a physician who is extremely broad and uses a wide range of labs. However, Morgellons is generally not due to excess yeast or excess heavy metals. Both are bad, but one has to focus on those things that are serious Morgellons causes, and then a little later clean up the bad yeasts and unhealthy heavy metals.

We have come to the conclusion that Morgellons is caused by about 8-15 things. In the same way a broken arm can happen from skiing, jumping off a roof, a car accident, dancing on ice, etc. The end result is the same by many different causes.

But I do not believe patients have ONE cause for their Morgellons. I feel they usually have at least five. The reason I believe this is because if this disorder were caused by simply ONE parasite, one mold, one bacterium, one biotoxin or one insect, then we would already have a cause. While American medicine is very weak on parasites, a number of clinicians and pathologists have searched for a single parasite in a vast number of samples. While I have found some patients with parasites, it is often not the parasite one would imagine. Some have more than one type, but not everyone as some Morgellons expect. In addition, one set of treatments cures on set of patients, and an entirely different set of treatments works in other patients with Morgellons. If Morgellons had one cause, one set of treatments would almost always work.

Further, twenty things can make holes in the skin and these can also increase to massive levels inflammation in the skin which causes horrible and diverse types of skin sensations, such as burning, biting, movement and burrowing.

Finally, many things can take over and impact human skin DNA and the tissue under the skin. This might cause many unusual sensations and skin debris appearing in a wide range of forms. DNA in humans can be hijacked by many other types of DNA from many types of infections and used to make unusual appearing things. This should be no surprise since many organisms take over our DNA routinely. And we, in turn, take over bacteria DNA to make human insulin and other human molecules.

Good treatment begins with finding ALL the causes of inflammation, skin abnormalities, body chemistry abnormalities and other problems. One then decides what are the worst two problems and the treating MD starts treatment with a plan the patient agrees to—an approach that makes sense. Many folks also use band-aids to function and to keep pain, anxiety or sadness low. Most of these will not be needed at the end of treatment.

Improvements come in 5-15% units and never as one drug causes 100% cure. One finds the troubles, selects the worst, and starts to kill off the trouble as things are given to decrease inflammation, normalize hormones and keep pain, anxiety or sadness low. Over time, as one adds 10% improvement every 1-3 months, with the addition of Band-Aids, one feels comfortable and functional, and hopeful. Why hopeful? Because they will see that their problems are CLEARLY NO LONGER GETTING WORSE, BUT NOW THEY ARE STARTING TO IMPROVE.

In the hopes you will find full healing.

To all who seek healing!

Dr. James

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