“I only have about 30 years left on the planet, I want to save as many people as I can.”


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Dr. Schaller will tailor himself to you—the way you hear and learn, your fatigue level and other factors that will make working with him easier. He also tailors his treatments to your unique biochemistry and healing preferences. His publications in top respected journals include exceptional findings—information sometimes found in no other location. The fifty physician reviewers of Schaller’s 27 papers are top experts, and the respected superior senior editors personally read and approved each article in areas such as neurology, infectious disease, psychiatry, hormones, surgery, emergency medicine, toxicology, pathology and nutraceuticals.

Dr. Schaller treats patients from the USA and around the world. Dr. Schaller alone will have direct patient contact with you. For example, he schedules people personally and never uses physician extenders like PAs or NPs. Further, he has earned awards from both doctors and patients, placing him in at least the top 1/20 physicians.

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“Brilliant, caring and creative doctor…

…He specializes in treatment resistant cases, and does not give up.”

Dr. James L. Schaller

Dr. Schaller is a pioneer far ahead of routine basic medical care who has written in 20 fields of medicine. He has some core defining attributes.

James L. Schaller reads diverse medical materials forty or more hours per week, gleaning the newest research in an effort to help you. He tends to treat complex patients that other gifted physicians and integrative healers can only help in part.


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We understand how busy and complicated life can be, which is why we offer a flexible calendar in order to accommodate your timeline. Dr. Schaller and his research assistant are happy to help coordinate the best time for you. Call or message us today to start your healing now.

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Symptoms of Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia

Dr. James Schaller discusses the symptoms of tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease, Bartonella, and Babesia. Each can present with a wide range of symptoms, which can often be misdiagnosed as other conditions. For a wise evaluation, testing must include Babesia and Bartonella not merely Lyme disease. Most patients never see a tick on them and most never see a bulls-eye rash. Early treatment is important for successful recovery. This video provides valuable information for individuals who may be experiencing symptoms related to these tick-borne illnesses.


Treatments for Babesia

In this video, Dr. James Schaller discusses treatments for Babesia, a tick-borne illness. As the author of six Babesia books, he is highly qualified to discuss treatments for Babesia. Using only one treatment usually fails. Atovaquone (Mepron) and Azithromycin (Zithromax) routinely fail. Herbs, essential oils, and many malaria treatments can be effective. Proper diagnosis requires a long intake appointment and the use of labs that can detect low levels of antibodies, which is not available at large National Labs. He offers ways to track your progress. This video provides key research for those who may have been misdiagnosed with other vague illnesses or those who may be struggling with Babesia and seeking effective treatment options.


Why Can't I get Better? Lyme Disease Treatment Failures

In this video, Dr. James Schaller discusses the reasons why Lyme disease treatment can fail, even with proper diagnosis and treatment. He explains that there are many factors that can contribute to treatment failure, including the presence of other tick-borne illnesses, often called "co-infections," ways to make looking at all hormones, many inflammation levels, and "indirect" ways to see these infections. He also discusses biofilm formation using critical lessons from his #1 Amazon biofilm book. Dr. Schaller also emphasizes a comprehensive approach to Lyme disease treatment, including a profoundly thorough lab evaluation. He always finds missed results that can be helped to improve your life. When possible, he uses large Labs largely covered by Insurance. His average patient is frustrated with many healers and they're failed treatments. This video provides deep insight into effective Lyme disease treatment and the need for a personalized approach unique to you.

Medical Pearls

The 2 Minutes on Natural Hormones, Every Lady Over 40 Must Know.

We take natural estrogen, natural progesterone, and bio-identical testosterone deficits seriously in our women patients. But not in a simplistic approach of putting a pellet in your butt, which my labs often may show are the cause of excessively high amounts Also, it is usually good to have a good amount of natural progesterone, which …

The 2 Minutes on Natural Hormones, Every Lady Over 40 Must Know. Read More »

What are the symptoms of Babesia?

What are the symptoms of Babesia? Since these tiny single-celled parasites are inside red blood cells any organ can be impacted. Sweats, chills, headaches, and fatigue are common. What is the treatment for Babesia infections? Atovaquone 2 tsp. twice a day with omega-3 fat. For more information find free books on Babesia at personalconsult.com What …

What are the symptoms of Babesia? Read More »

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