Lyme Disease Testing vs. Real Testing

Lyme, Bartonella And Babesia

In other books, I have discussed the pathetic testing going on at major labs in the area of the plague of tick and flea infections. Just sending to a large lab or a specialty lab is 1990's medicine, and you are at best a fair screening healer.

I have more published books on this topic, than any physician I know, so I am not just pulling this out of a hat.

Here are some concerns that are not the standard of care, but the current standard is for 10-year-old children.

[By the way, precious, if you defame and attack me, I treat folks who ethically and legally might return the favor and cause you trouble and have serious capacities, and be assured you have no idea what I mean. If you are a mere an eternally ill troll on a hate web site, you are not worth it and already in hell. So your hero healer has healed you?].

  1. Some large lab directors or senior staff have bluntly said they do not care to improve or advance their testing for Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella. This is during either a massive move by deer "rats" nationally and many small mammals or the discovery of a flood of new Babesia and Bartonella forms.
  2. If you run out of the chemicals to do a test on these infections you are simply useless and it shows you do not care.
  3. After reading thousands of articles on Babesia and Bartonella, not twenty or forty, how many folks in the world do you think are really up on either infection? Writing 20 papers of your own does not make you an expert. Sometimes it means you just know your own personal limited information.
  4. Screening only for Lyme, assumes exploding discoveries of many types of Babesia and Bartonella is something you do not know. You also you do not know indirect testing to detect them. Please stop pretending you have studied this for years and simply get out of the way.
  5. Some low dose medications alter labs are show likely infection presence and can cause a non-side effect reaction, that might mean the infection is present. The idea this is not known in mill medicine is simply sad.
  6. The use of mere direct tests is junk 1990's testing. So I mean if you send to their special lab and check for Babesia, Bartonella, or Lyme, you usually miss it and usually read it wrong. Knowing indirect testing is required in my opinion in modern medical care.

***I will not comment on how many people understand the material above who treat tick and flea illness. If your IQ is over 125, or you get Twain style fair sarcasm, you already know.

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