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Dr Schaller is extremely knowledgeable about many conditions, not merely Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Mold illness, Mystery Illness, and Severe Fatigue. He is an expert on medications, herbs, essential oils, and supplements needed to address them. He might select another expert to add to your care, but he never dumps you but asks the doctor to assist in 1-2 exact questions. Sometimes his 100 labs--done after eating and drinking over 6–8 weeks, as you prefer, he might want another opinion on a high;y complex lab. He does not order merely six tubes.
He is very thorough in his testing and ensures all issues are addressed, unlike other similar specialists. I spent at least 6 years with an undiagnosed issue that was increasing in severity very rapidly and becoming quite debilitating. After 20 doctors and specialists with no treatment or diagnosis, I was ready to give up. Was he worth the long drive from the panhandle of Florida? YES! He is a short drive south of Fort Myers and not too far from Fort Lauderdale.
In contrast to so many previous doctors, Dr Schaller covered all the bases and found issues that no one else had even tried to find. Some things had even been ignored by others. I am incredibly grateful for his help and would highly recommend him to others struggling to get a diagnosis and beneficial treatment. His team was very kind and helpful, and they had a nice range of options for Naples hotels near his lovely, calm office.

Stephanie Burkhardt

Naples Patient Review

Dr Schaller has to be the top doctor in the world. There is no doubt. After going from Doctor to doctor for a few simultaneous issues...when things got complex for me they quit. He was not quitter he persisted and made an action plan and basically saved my life and quality of life. I was not treated like a lab test or an x-ray. a Although we did do testing, he listened to my symptoms unlike others I had been to. I can't thank him enough for being my doctor.

Sue Cullen

Florida Lawyer

For many years doctors looked at me like I was crazy. They were outside their knowledge base.

Dr. J, your treatment and care works. I have experience with being treated under other "guidelines" and they did not help me.

However, under your care, I have regained almost all of my health. When you started treating me I could barely do anything and could not work. Now, I have completed law school and began my practice, working at least 55 hours a week, I'm working out and have gained almost 40 lbs. of muscle, and I feel great; I'm almost cured. No one see's anything wrong with me.

Florida Lawyer

More than a Doctor!

This is how I feel about Dr. Schaller and what he has done for me. I do not talk to him like a person I see for five minutes. Here is an example from my recent email exchange about my upcoming appointment: I'm just overall SUPER excited to tell you and show you my improvement! Although I'll be in Florida for my uncle's wedding, my appointment with you is just as exciting for me; I can't wait for you to see how much better I am and thank you in person for everything you've done this past year. (My whole family actually wishes that they could do the same, but you'll just have to take my word for it!) You've saved my life! I never would of dreamed that only a year later I would have made such progression and have my HOPE regained once again! I know you hear it all the time from patients, but because of YOU I am able to once again contribute to this world, believe in myself, see a future filled with hope, and most importantly - be the mother to my son that I once was. Recently my 11 yr old - Trent- told me just that and said he can't wait to do things together like we "used to." I'm afraid to imagine what my life would be like now if not for the serendipity of finding you."I know he sounds "too good to be true," but I am a living testimony to the man's skills. ALL doctors should operate the way Dr.J does: listen to their patients and more than just 5-20 minutes, treat each patient and their illness on an individual level AND be available to their patients 24/7.

More than a Doctor!

Outstanding physician gives compassionate cutting edge care Mar 22nd, 2012

Dr. Schaller is extremely knowledgeable in his field and was the first doctor of many to accurately diagnose and treat my conditions. I would and have recommended him to many. I have since taken 2 of my 4 ill children to see him, and hope to get my other 2 to see him in the future. He listens, takes time with you, and does an appropriate work up. He emphasizes patient education and safety. Dr. Schaller was the first doctor to address my depression and chronic pain, as well as ordering other treatments, some very innovative, for symptom management and comfort. I bless him every day for his compassion and thoughtfulness. He has given my family hope for healing and a brighter future.

Outstanding physician gives compassionate cutting edge care Mar 22nd, 2012

Dr. Schaller is My Guardian Angel

Hi Dr J, I just to let you know I gave thanks for having you as my guardian angel. Thanks for being there to talk to whether I paid or not.... Sometimes I feel like I could be my own doctor somewhat. It is nice to have your real help and concern many seasons after our last session. Simply, no physician has one treated me like you. Thanks to you for teaching me how to be an educated patient. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. I would probably be dead by now if not for you. That you were seriously suspicious and nagged nicely, and your routine follow up made me realize this is not casual. I am not trying to give you a big head (ha,ha) but you truly are the best. Love always, Ms. Daniel, Maryland

Dr. Schaller is My Guardian Angel

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and depression, allergies, oppositional defiant disorder and we had seen many doctors and alternative care practitioners. Although we tried many different medications we continued to see little or no improvement, until we saw Dr. Schaller. I have found him to be caring, honest and committed to helping my son get better. I have seen definite and continuing improvement in just a couple of months and we are excited to continue this journey.

Thank you and many blessings to Dr. J.

Thank you and many blessings to Dr. J.

After YEARS of being treated for other medical problems on top of having stealth emerging infections which we did not know, doctors kept telling me it is because of your medical problems, there isn't much we can do, I am not sure why etc.

Not even trying to go outside the box just in case it was something else. So we started going outside the box and found Dr Schaller who saw us IMMEDIATELY without even knowing my medical history background.

He has been treating me for about 7 months now and there is a BIG improvement.

I went from not living at all & having no life to living again. I still have a long way to go but feel that his knowledge and helpfulness will get me where I need to be which is to live again!


I sit and enjoy watching my children laugh, talk and study together. I appreciate every second.

This is a beautiful gift that once was lost. The sounds of their laughter and joy were once taken, until we were lead to Dr. James Schaller.

"Dr. J" is brilliant, compassionate and understanding. I thank God he has been gifted with his talents and the ability to set up his practice in a unique way. He is able to keep up on the latest research and in turn is able to provide his patients the best care. He truly cares and desires for his patients to be as comfortable as possible always looking for solutions. Many times I may make a comment not expecting a solution but he doesn't let anything pass him by and comes up with an answer.

He is the ONLY Doctor that I have had tell me how things really are in clear and honest terms, and to admit what knows and does not know. I love that the office quickly provides lab results in black and white with factual information.

Dr. J" looks deeply into anything told or reported to him, like a lab result, as has the ability to see possibilities others miss. I don't know how many times physician have told me that my "tests were within normal limits" only to find out they are not when I do a little homework on credible medical sites and/or receive the actual lab copies.

The office staff is amazing, compassionate & courteous. You can feel the love they have for what they do. They try to treat you like a friend or a family member and not just another "patient" in a crowded room.

The medical community and patients that find they are not getting better are both very fortunate Dr. Schaller has dedicated so much of his life to educating others with his journal writings and books he has published at a clear loss, while he could set up a full time practice that would make a superior income. He spends hours of free time with people everyday who call from all over the world. He does this because he cares. I believe he couldn't live with himself, if he is not sharing his knowledge to help save and heal. He is extremely passionate about what he does. He is extremely passionate about spreading his knowledge, in order for people to receive proper care and to provide physicians with knowledge and information they can use to help heal their patients.

My daughter saw several doctors for her condition before we found Dr. Schaller.

At a young age she knows that all doctors are not equal. He holds a special place in her heart and will say, "Uncle J is awesome, awesome, awesome x a trillion!" He gave her a life back that was once stolen.

We all trust Dr. Schaller with our lives.

To have this when one has suffered and gone so long without answers is an amazing relief. My worries have been lifted because I know we are in good hands. I knew it from the beginning and he has more than proved that he can heal.

I am one of a number of people who has encouraged "Dr. J" to promote at least some samples of the free things he does, and to promote his philanthropy. He is old school and prefers to do kindnesses in secret. All I can say is few of our many fine American physicians sacrifice to help so many, and read and read into long hours in the morning, to find just a single pearl to help just one person.

I know what he would do if a patent sold or a mass market book sold. He would work for free, fly patients in at his expense, and give to the charities of the desolate he is already working to help.

Compassion, an intense drive for new solutions for the hopeless, warmth, immensely broad thinking, personal care and real sacrifice--these are hard to find these days. Right? Well you just found them in this unique "Top Doctor of America."

Angie M. (California)

I recently posted an email on an MD rating site. It was removed because the moderator appears to think physicians in the USA rarely see ayone flying in to see one pysician. I was knocked off site as a fake patient.

I have been under treatment with Dr J Schaller for over 1 year now...I have to say that he is an amazing Doctor...when I came to face was sight was affected...I was also just coming through Meningitis ...all caused by Tick one year, he has taken me from a non functioning feeling 20 years younger...his care and attention to detail..have been faultless...

He is a true healer...I live and have businesses in a Golf and Spa resort in southern I really am a real person...

At the spa, we have many physicians and general family physicians, especially from the UK who are clients of my businesses, who have been amazed by my treatment...indeed they have followed my success with me...

My own MD here on the Resort, Dr Eduardo Bourges, has worked with Dr Schaller, and is blown away with my treatment...many of the meds I have been given by Dr Schaller are not even available here in Spain...

I am going from strength to strength..and yes compliance is king...but Dr Schaller gives comfort when your struggling and changes things for a while ...he never lets you feel down or under pressure to take treatments that you cannot handle...his knowledge of hormones, inflammation troubles, Babesia, Bartonella and other tick borne infections. His nowledge of some of these medical troubles is renowned globally...

I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and GP's here in Europe...his pioneering work should be hailed...thank God we have such a dedicated doctor and researcher as him.

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Sylvia Ingham
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