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Creed For Healing

  1. Only Dr. Schaller will schedule, diagnose and prescribe treatments. His staff never acts as surrogate or alternative for your medical needs. That way, you are always getting the best we have to offer and no wall exists between you and Dr. Schaller.
  2. Many medical troubles have multiple contributing factors. The idea that heart attacks and strokes are caused only by "cholesterol" is primitive 1980’s medicine.
  3. He always tailors his treatment to fit you—he does not use protocols. Dr. Schaller knows that the science of healing is exploding with new, quality information, and that the best care is usually given by someone who is looking for new, safe solutions by reading copiously in the healing arts.
  4. You can have as much time with Dr. Schaller as you wish. He loves teaching and answering questions.
  5. Dr. Schaller is very friendly and treats patients like family or friends. Every patient is a VIP.
  6. A physician who devotes 40 hours a week to reading the medical literature may be 10 to 20 years ahead of a physician working 40-60 hours a week who only does the minimum continuing education requirement.
  7. Dr. Schaller is very passionate about helping you return to full function. Medicine is not merely a job to him.
  8. He offers a vast range of options for treatment, but prefers options with some research support.
  9. After over 20 years in private practice, Dr. Schaller is reaching his peak in knowledge and experience with challenging problems. His goal is to apply this experience and knowledge to you, so you have superior care.
  10. Dr. Schaller believes in looking at possible health troubles by tests or examination tools that are not always "direct." For example, you have a hormone, nutritional and infection problem. A physician can measure these directly by ordering tests for Free Testosterone and, Vitamin D levels, and a Lyme Western Blot or Babesia antibody test.

Indirect tests for tick infections could be Parvo virus, HHV-6, CD3/4/56/57, VEGF, TNF-a, IL-6, IL-Ib, EBV, ECP, MSH, CD4 RIA, IL-8 and dozens of others.
  12. The best treatment is never the same in two people. Protocols are limited, and double-blind clinical controlled trials are always limited by trouble with the control group.
  13. Dr. Schaller will not be on a medical staff since he has seen this increases errors. But he does work hard to make sure you have the best experience.
  14. Dr. Schaller responds to his own patient emergencies when possible—he feels that reducing your worry and fear is part of his role.

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