The Mold, Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella “Simple” Approach Disaster

This disaster is simple.

A series of well-meaning health workers knows a little about one of these issues, typically mold or Lyme and that is that. Despite the fact in many areas both are common the notion both are present is not really considered, or poor exploration of indoor mold or Lyme and other very common infections is not done together.

Junk exploration is done that can lead to serious trouble. Just read 5,000 articles on PubMed to see this fact. I am sorry, I forgot, no one has read 5-10,000 articles on all these infections and all the ways indoor mycotoxins hurts life.

Here is the game. You have many tick infections and you get mold in your home or work or school. So what is your issue? Mold was the clear trigger, but only 5% are ill from it. Unless you live on a pure sand beach usually mold can trigger the tick infections like Bartonella, Babesia and Lyme. If your expert in tick infections has not read 500 articles on each, and I would ask, do you really want your care to be from some outdated manual of others who also have not read 500 articles?

Others are diagnosed with Lyme, and sometimes miraculously by limited Babesia and Bartonella tests, and are helped a bit by treatments that lower most of a wide range of symptoms. Later, they relapse—in a week, month, or season, etc. They do not relapse in their head as the naive pompous sadist says, but full labs show clear trouble—I do not mean eight ignorant tubes.

While the may not recover because of poor clique treatment meant for all 6 Billion patients, sometimes a reason for delayed improvement is mold that can be seen or smelled in a home, school or work place.

Ignoring Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella and indoor mold is like cutting off a limb. Each one ignored is one limb lost. If is anti-intellectual, lazy, and perhaps best if the physicians only screen these patients with direct and indirect tests, and leave real care to folks who do not need a tiny guide book or highly dated article. The indirect tests are at least ten. If they do not know what indirect tests for this type of testing means—run.

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