Incorrect Causes Proposed for Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—Another Lazy Medical Label

Presently we have a fantastic rate of success for treating what 10-50 physicians have not been able to fix—specifically, significant and persistent fatigue.

I am not taking about the simplistic causes any impaired drunk physician should figure out.

Simple and boringly obvious fatigue causes would include:

  • Poor sleep
  • Low thyroid
  • Serious anemia
  • Obesity with terrible exercise
  • Sleep apnea with a large fat pad hanging down
  • Biological major depression
  • Serious smoking lung disease
  • Pain — the DEA likes this one and it is why they have made most MD's terrified of treating it, which explodes suicides and disability.
  • Coffee can be slowly metabolized and present at night
  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Medications

These are just a few examples of over 1,000 causes that cause ongoing fatigue, and many show up in a mere clique set of six tubes of blood or a simply study.


Problems With The Simplistic Approach

I specialize in problems smarter physicians cannot fix. Here are some mistakes I see.

  1. Physicians are abused and too rushed and naturally have no time to ask why? For example, why did a 30 year-old woman get low thyroid. Lyme can lower it. Many things can lower it. No one asks.
  2. Depression is a real illness all alone. However, perhaps 1,000 things can also cause it or make far worse. For example, inflammation and atypical Bartonella can make worse. Did you know that? I have a 500-page text on Bartonella and the number of species and places it exists is unreal.
  3. The football NFL player retires due to knee pain. It gets worse with no real use over five years. No one looks directly and indirectly for Lyme�the Lyme rotted the joint another 40%.
  4. The electrician works in remodeling homes and is tired many days. No one has a reason. They usually do not have a reason, because with insane insurance to be an MD, office overhead to handle our insurance at 100,000 and the need to see many patients an hour, even God would have no time to read. Or play medical PI. It is mold in the walls of old homes, in which he is breathing mycotoxin junk as he is setting up new wiring in leaky, dusty old dirty hones. He never had the issue when he was working in new construction.
  5. Jane likes to walk in her local nature path. It is her dream home and loves the rustic feel. She eventually over a few years gets a little more tired than normal and everyone agrees it is age. He is not 20 any more. In five more years, she is losing her job. She sees many physicians, who are simply amazing men and women with immense gifts, but each diagnosis does not seem to fit after 6-12 months and treatments do not really help.

I have 4-5 books on Babesia, and it is one of the most explosive infections in the USA and Canada and we find all over Europe. If you look in one of my towers of parasite books, you will find a page on this infection. I said A MERE PAGE! My books have well over 1000 pages and are hardly al we have read and do which includes actually reading every major articles in English. You do not want to wish that on your worst enemy. In addition, because the species are exploding and the tests are junk and we have found tricks to detect indirectly, we are finding if present, we get massive recovery as with Jane.


I own virtually every major book on fatigue and CFS. I have read massive articles ion this topic and the studies are so perfect. The trouble is most are clinically useless, and I am not going to take the time to explain why. However, let us just say, 20 causes create changes in 100 other things, and many genius researchers and clinicians are caught attacking the indirect thing and not the cause.

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