Morgellons Disease Information

While not all the people that complain of this problem make the best presentation, I am concerned that some physicians are too busy to listen closer to their comments.

Delusions exist in people, but a delusion is a diagnosis of exclusion, and one has to rule-out the validity of the belief before casting it aside.

Intuition is NOT reliable since anyone with ANY clear inflammatory process has increased inflammation chemicals, which will possibly make him or her restless, agitated, depressed and deeply seeking of reassurance.

That does not rule in or rule out any disorder.

Some health practitioners feel that Lyme is common in the people suffering from this disorder and I am concerned that biotoxins might be altering some gene expression, which we already know it does with biotoxins from Lyme, Babasia, indoor biotoxic mold, some algae varieties, some water dinoflagellates and some insects.

Also, one should be careful to rule out the types of things that can look "somewhat" like Morgellons, such as rat mites and other infectious agents. I hate to say this, but the calmer you tell your story to the doctor, the more seriously he or she may take your skin symptoms.

Here is a sample video of some patients with morgellons compliants:

To All Those Who Suffer and are Ignored and Mocked,

Dr. J

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