Meet Dr. Schaller

Dr. James L. Schaller was born in Paris, France while his father served in the military. He is the first born of a large family, who took care of and protected his younger siblings. This early dedication to taking care of people became a lifestyle.
Dr. Schaller is a pioneer far ahead of routine basic medical care who has written in 20 fields of medicine. He has some core defining attributes.

James L. Schaller reads diverse medical materials forty or more hours per week, gleaning the newest research in an effort to help you. He tends to treat complex patients that other gifted physicians and integrative healers can only help in part.

Dr. Schaller will tailor himself to you—the way you hear and learn, your fatigue level and other factors that will make working with him easier. He also tailors his treatments to your unique biochemistry and healing preferences. His publications in top respected journals include exceptional findings—information sometimes found in no other location. The fifty physician reviewers of Schaller’s 27 papers are top experts, and the respected superior senior editors personally read and approved each article in areas such as neurology, infectious disease, psychiatry, hormones, surgery, emergency medicine, toxicology, pathology and nutraceuticals.

Dr. Schaller treats patients from the USA and around the world.

Dr. Schaller alone will have direct patient contact with you. For example, he schedules people personally and never uses physician extenders like PAs or NPs. Further, he has earned awards from both doctors and patients, placing him in at least the top 1/20 physicians.

His charitable interests include the poor in Haiti, India’s 250 million Untouchables, non-violent prison inmates and those given no relief by traditional or functional medicine.

Dr. Schaller has written over 30 books and has made many of his books available free of charge.

His creed of practice is: Treat a patient like a friend or close family member and offer tomorrow’s solutions today!

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