The Research of Prolific Dr. Schaller Leads to New Chinese Herbals Formulations by Dr. Zhang at

Dr. Schaller has published approximately 26 books. He has published six books related to Babesia, Lyme disease and Bartonella. Dr. Schaller has also worked, at a great financial loss, as a full time self-funded researcher. One of his projects was to test the effectiveness of inherited patients who were already using over twenty-five different herbs from all over the world. These herbs are sold as a cure for various infections. During this research, he found that some patients required extremely low starting doses of the Zhang formulas, and patients and healers often confused an allergic reaction with a die-off of Babesia, Lyme or Bartonella. Meaning, the herb was too effective and as little as 1/8th was enough for a month.

However, over time, many needed far more than one Zhang capsule three times a day for true cure. (Some also required other augmenting treatments). This aggressive examination of inherited patients led to a conference in Naples, Florida between Dr. Schaller and Dr. Ching Zhang, in which they shared their herbal research and purity findings.

The result was that after 18 months, and many trips to China, a high quality pure and more powerful Artemisia and HH options are now available.

Please never use either unless you are under the care of a licensed physician or expert in herbal medicine. As mentioned above, these are NOT starting doses.

Dr. Zhang Press Release

Why We Produce Double Strength HH2 and Artemisia 2 Capsules

In our Lyme disease herbal protocols, we have been using HH Capsule for anti-Lyme spirochete and co-infections, especially bartonella and Artemisia Capsule (in which the active ingredient is artesunate) for anti-babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis. After more than ten years clinical usage, we found that for certain part of the patients the dose may not strong enough in eradicating these pathogens. Dr. James Schaller has done clinical observations and found that with higher dosage, the therapeutic efficacy improves. He suggested us to produce double strength version of these two products. Now the double strength HH2 Capsule and Artemisia 2 Capsule are available.

Original HH Capsule contains 90 mg new sodium houttuyfonate in each capsule and one day three capsules make the daily dose of 270 mg of new sodium houttuyfonate. The HH2 Capsule contains 180 mg of new sodium houttuyfonate, the daily three capsules makes the daily dose of 540 mg per day. This double dose HH 2 Capsule may have stronger anti-infection especially anti-bartonella effects. At the same time the possible Herxheimer's reaction strength may also be stronger. For people already responding to the original HH Capsule well, you don't need to switch to the HH 2 Capsule. Only those do not respond to HH Capsule well and need increased dose can move to the higher dosage and try the HH 2 Capsule.

Original Artemisia Capsule contains active ingredient artesunate and every capsule has 33.33 mg of artesunate. One-day take three capsules makes daily dose of 100 mg, which is recommended anti-malaria dose. When used for anti-malaria, one-week treatment course is enough. But we have seen that even three months long treatment course still can't totally eradicate the babesia in some patients. Therefore we developed this new Artemisia 2 Capsule. Its active ingredient is Dihydroartemisinin (DHA), a derivertive of artemisinin. It is a front line anti-malaria agent and has been effectively used for millions of malaria cases. It is much stronger than artemisinin and also has less adverse reactions. The recomemnded anti-malaria dose is 60 mg per day and its efficacy equvalent to 100 mg of artesunate. Now the Artemisia 2 Capsule contains 40 mg of DHA in each capsule, one day three capsules makes the daily dose of 120 mg of DHA. Therefore it is the double strength of anti-malaria dosage. For those patients have not respond to the Artemisia Capsule three capsules per day protocol, this new Artemisia 2 Capsule may help to increase the respond rate. At beginning the Herxheimer's reaction strength may also increase.

We produce these two new version of HH 2 and Artemisia 2 Capsule is to make more choice available for patients. The original version has been work well for majority of patients. For those have not been respond to the original form of these two herbal products, the new versions provided alternatives.

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