Mold Illness Made Simple

The problem with mold books is they are profoundly poorly written, assume you have no life and have a month to read, or they are 1980's medicine or have mere text and no images. In any home inspection or home, school or work evaluation one must be shown many images. So my third co-authored mold book is filled with at least one powerful clear and meaningful image on every page — some pages have 4-5 images. This is not 1980 — people want to see what the mold problem is about. They also do not want to get demoralized with simplistic hopeless mold cases, which show a practitioner is limited in his range of options and is limited by a mold illness fetish. Indoor mold biotoxins are very real. But many treating them know nothing much outside the mold illness problem. They offer a very modest number of labs, which few health care workers and others in the courts will not buy into, because no one has the time for confusing science. In contrast, this text is profoundly clear and a speed read for those with foggy minds. It has no relentless confusions. No one is a mold pope. I certainly am not one, even though I have 3 co-authored mold illness books, and have certifications in both mold remediation and mold certifications. I have also learned many lessons since my past co-authored mold books which are not published yet. Every season, should teach any mold researcher new lessons and data. We are trying passionately to stay current and learn more and more.

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