Bartonella Rage and Abuse


Lyme Rage & Bartonella Rage

Over the last four years, we have read about 1,700 articles on Bartonella and looked at inherited treatment failure patients very closely. We asked, "Why are smart LL MD's not getting cures?" I did not know. But clearly valid direct and indirect data based on solid research showed common treatments at best appeared to be a success, and yet we found evidence of its presence, and later it was clearly present even to the patients.

Therefore, we have spent years, full-time, trying to figure this problem out.

I have already posted and sent hundreds of references on what Bartonella can do too many people who are writers, physicians, journalists, smart active patients and the media. I can do no more. Bartonella will win, and have its hearing in the years to come. When you work 12-hour days, and have your own goals, what do you really have time to read?

What the large literature shows, if you read full-time for at least a year, is that many labs and other indirect and direct things of many genre's of evidence, can show the presence of Bartonella. I have a book and articles on this exploding organism, so I am not going to redo it all here after a 16- hour workday.

Simply, it has many more vectors than Lyme, the number of species and subspecies is exploding more each year with new ones found at a feverish rate, it tunes off some immunity and this includes antibody tests for all tick infections, and harms every organ many ways.

It is often close to Lyme and we feel it increases the damage or pain of Lyme. For example, a muscle in spasm most likely due to a Lyme spirochete is given a Bartonella only treatment. They improve. It was possibly the Bartonella making the Lyme worse, or all Bartonella!

Some feel this is not correct, and write, teach or treat with the eight routine treatments we have for "Bartonella" based on lab tests, or very limited short-term animal use cure. We have all fallen for these cures, but which we have proven lead to relapse over time. Further, Bartonella often presents in some rare people very clearly and then goes away in terms of obvious clinical signs and symptoms. It does not go away like a cold as many think. Since time is so limited, the long process over years of finding Bartonella left by "cured" patients treated with many varieties of care is not something that is a goal or in my capacity to publish now.


Bartonella is quite a serious cause of a massive number of psychiatric troubles and one is anger and rage.

Here are some samples of Bartonella personalities.

  • Troubles with anger if you are in any manner criticized. The person who is the critic becomes a demon and you wish them to be seriously harmed in a legal (or rarely illegal manner).
  • You use your influence to try to get other's to oppose anyone who does not agree with you.
  • Intellectual rigidity.
  • Attacking someone for what you are also doing.
  • Hatred.
  • Yelling verbally or in writing.
  • Insults about defects in others shared with immense anger.
  • The loss of control — emotions, false statements, and hostile insults flow like a bomb.
  • Impulsivity.
  • The feeling of self-importance, especially with others who feel they should have a seat at the table.
  • Poor judgment in emotions, speech and reasoning Smart people become regressed and act like children.
  • People are black or white.
  • You start a defamation movement.
  • You are so agitated, you say things you have no way of knowing, to harm someone.
  • Assaultive actions.
  • Mental hate obsessions.
  • Speaking in the worst possible light about things you know are not true.
  • An immense waste of time is displaced from helping others, to attacking the "enemy." Reality is lost. Simply, true human failures do not have any friends or work. A store with no shoppers is gone in months. So the hated person must be doing something right if friends or work.
  • Lies or theft of information — anything goes for the raging bull Bartonella maniac.
  • The object of your hate owns you. Perhaps consider that in a world of 6 Billion, no one cares, your ongoing rage shows you are still ill, and negative attention actually increases exploration into the defamed person, who then might be discovered as unlike your depiction. Negative advertising is advertising.
  • Friends and relatives might not be targets today, but next year the arrow might be on them. The person you hate generally does not care if you like them. They have many other things to do. However, do you?
  • Agitation that is scary to people if they could see it fully.

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