My Bottom-Line Thyroid Concerns

Title: My Bottom Line Thyroid Concerns

  1. The screen tool for monitoring thyroid is TSH and has 50 confounders. Endocrine publications and conferences are pointing out its limitations.
  2. TSH is largely affected by T4, which is fairly useless.
  3. T4 or Synthroid type forms is largely just a prohormone
  4. Almost all women over 40 have had a thyroid drift down to "low normal." It contributes to weight gain, afternoon fatigue and decreased mood. If left too long, replacement may not help weight, but will help energy and mood.
  5. Thyroid autoantibodies, or antibodies against ones own thyroid makes the thyroid hormone useless. Like a chain which keeps it from going into a cell to function. I find in 1/7 women and 1/14 menÑroughly. Lab tests look normal even if the thyroid antibodies are interfering with functioning.
  6. The best replacement thyroid is compounded and bio-identical and starts with small dosing.

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