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Lyme Disease Stem Cell Information

Dasty, a Chicago K-9 officer, has returned to the Police Department with a new lease on life, thanks to technology used to treat arthritis and other injuries in dogs.

Dasty had developed severe arthritis after contracting Lyme disease.

High doses of antibiotics and steroids controlled his disease, but his mobility was still impaired.

Veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Adams treated the 5-year-old German shepherd using the dog's own fat. Through a California-based company, Vet-Stem, she had the fat stem cells extracted from a few tablespoons of Dasty's fat. The stem cells were then injected, at a high concentration, back into the area of pain.

After being treated with stem cells, Dasty's energy and mobility are back to normal after just three months. Pet owners interested in this treatment option for severe canine arthritis should consult their vets.

Source: Orlando Sentinal and Chicago Tribune

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