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Suboxone Updates
Moving Beyond Basic Certification

Suboxone is truly a miracle. But because many physicians and pharmacists are afraid of the DEA and state boards that attack pain treating physicians, there are not even 7,000 physicians certified with a special course and second DEA number to offer this wonderful option.

So in the USA we have 293 million people and that means we have one Suboxone trained physician for every 42, 000 people. So much for the Federalies winning the hearts of doctors.

A Reminder About Some Basic Benefits of Suboxone

In 2000, the federal government passed DATA, which is an act to help patients with the disease of addiction by offering more treatment options.

Until 2000, only methadone maintenance, approved for use only through incredibly regulated clinics was available to treat opioid addiction. The new DATA options allowed other new treatments like Suboxone. Now patients did not have to feel like methadone junkies, but could be treated in an office like other psychiatry patients. And since patients were not bound to a clinic, they could work. Current studies show buprenorphine is as effective as methadone maintenance in two ways. First, in retaining patients in substance abuse treatment programs of different types, and use of illegal drugs dropped.

Lets chat for a moment about some articles on Suboxone

In Drug & Alcohol Review (2004), they discuss the use of Suboxone in Australia, in which patients had daily methadone or buprenorphine. Suboxone was well tolerated. The current trial demonstrated that unsupervised administration with regular clinical monitoring could be effective in selected patients. But the authors seemed to feel that with heroin, not all patients could handle this type of unsupervised dosing to promote abstinence. PMID: 15370011

In the Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, Sublingual buprenorphine is reported to be more effective than clonidine or clonidine/naltrexone in short-term opioid detoxification treatment. Buprenorphine provides an additional tool to treat opioid addiction and improve the quality of lives of these patients. PMID: 15364630

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