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Stupid Malpractice Cases from Medical Justice

We run an anti-malpractice and anti-defamation practice and have found Medical Justice to offer amazing advice from top attorneys in the USA. They also assist powerfully with countersuit lawsuits for the full recovery of all civil damages associated with MD abuse and emotional acting out or ignorant scapegoating suits and bad faith reporting, and seek serious consequences for dubious "experts" and lawyers practicing questionable legal practices with scientific ignorance typically at a 9th grade level, and who feel that any injury means the physician caused it. Every day patients die from hundreds of causes that are part of the many illnesses that cause death. Patients die or are injured from any surgery, medication or herb. This is life. This is the reality of a fallen, decaying body.



Every Day Over 100 Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Are Filed. Some Of The More "Creative" Ones ... , 11/20/2007

Medical Justice received many submissions for the Most Frivolous Lawsuit. The sheer number of submissions is a testament to just how prevalent such lawsuits are. Unfortunately such suits take a long time to evaporate, and occasionally they are settled for nuisance value. These are exactly the types of cases we take aim at.

Failure to Diagnose Death:

A young woman was found at home on the ground by her family. CPR was initiated by family members. It was estimated that she had been "down" for approximately thirty minutes before CPR was started. Paramedics arrived ten minutes later. EKG showed asystole. The paramedics were unable to intubate her or establish IV access. Transport time was yet another ten minutes, so documented time of asystole on EKG was 35 minutes before hitting the ER door. She was then intubated, a central line was inserted, and ACLS protocol was followed. She remained in asystole and was pronounced dead after fifteen minutes. Physician was named in the lawsuit because one of the blood tests noted a potassium just under 13. The allegation: failure to diagnose hyperkalemia. The actual cause of the hyperkalemia was "death and decomposition."

Syllogism: You Practice In My Town. I Live In My Town. Ergo You Are My Doctor:
Neurosurgeon received a letter of intent to sue from a patient whose name he could not recall. There was no medical record or billing statement to support that this mystery person had ever been a patient. Suit was filed and an attorney had to be hired to answer the allegation that the patient developed paraplegia from a spinal mass. The neurosurgeon was named because "he was the only neurosurgeon in the community." The case was not dropped until the plaintiff was deposed and stated under oath he had never heard of this doctor and had no complaints with him.

Absence Of Evidence Is Not Evidence Of Absence:
A thirty year old woman delivered a baby under regional anesthesia. The following day, she had a tubal ligation under general anesthesia. She complained to the staff that she could not find her dentures and the nurses look long and hard, to no avail. Chest and abdomen X-rays were performed, all negative for a foreign body "from mouth to anus." The patient was discharged. She developed throat pain and several days later was seen in an ER. An ENT physician ordered a CT and diagnosed peri-tonsillar abscess. The abscess was drained in the OR under general anesthesia. There was no mention of a foreign body in the CT scan report or the op-report. She was discharged the next day. Several months later she was evaluated by a gastroenterologist who found and removed a polyp from her esophagus. Still, there was no mention of a foreign body. Six years later the woman died. The original anesthesiologist was sued for "complications related to a broken denture" that presumably stuck in the patient's throat for six years, even though a multitude of imaging studies and direct observations by other physicians failed to find the culprit.

Medical Justice™ is a program designed by a board certified neurosurgeon to protect physicians from frivolous suits - before they occur.

Medical Justice™ also addresses the problems of Internet libel, inappropriate demands for refunds, and other emerging threats to physicians. For more information please visit us at www.medicaljustice.com.

To request more information on what physicians can do and are doing Click Here.

Medical Justice: 2007 - Celebrating 5 Successful Years Relentlessly Protecting Physicians from Frivolous Medical Malpractice Lawsuits...

Do you have any questions or need additional information? Call toll free 1-877-633-5878 or Contact Us online.

Reprinted with written permission. My introduction is not part of their post. I take no responsibility for errors and some are possible in any post. Call Medical Justice to see what services can save your peace of mind and time.

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