Dangerous deer tick and small child legs in summer shoes on a grass. Ixodes ricinus


  1. She was positive for Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Bartonella. OK. It is rare to have three tick infections and not have a good chance of Babesia, so you will be burned by a single-celled parasite inside your blood cells! I wrote so many #1 Amazon Babesia books because my family hit a wall in improvement. When I figured it out, we wanted to help thousands, and now, in 25--30 languages to help me. (About $250,000 self-funded). So if you miss Babesia, you are screwed. And how can it be missed?
    An important trick...
  2. Try to kill all possible infections BEFORE testing. Why? They all have stealth to make ALL antibody tests NEGATION or indeterminate.

**Lyme hides from the immune system in 27 ways. (My 2006 Babesia Bible lists)

**Bartonella's 23 human species off TNF-a so powerfully that it has been compared to 100--10,000x immune suppression of prednisone type. Who cares about TNF-a plummet? The bacteria is totally invisible. In some studies, very healthy children and healthy adults are 10- 35% positive because first-world healthy people are healthy, looking only for 1-2 species, not 23. (See the Diagnosis and Treatment of Bartonella, Pending Text by me at 700 pages)

**A helpful friend shared he does not see Babesia positives until he treats it six months! My experience is significantly stronger short but occasionally that long, even using one good treatment for three months.

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