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In the past I was a consultant for patients prior to their Bariatric surgery. I suppose my job was just to make sure they were aware of the risks and benefits, and to give the illusion of wide support from many doctors. As my knowledge grew, I reflected back to my consults years earlier. I now realize important medicine is being ignored by weight experts. Specifically, smart members of the American Bariatric Society and those who perform Bariatric Surgery are ignoring many things that cause serious weight gain.

Mold and Weight Gain

I have just competed my third book on mold illness and mold remediation. Indoor mold problems are not rare. After being trained in mold inspection and remediation, I have developed better eyes, and understand why the EPA says 30% of USA structures have indoor mold.

I recently heard a respected friend say, "Mold is everywhere, it means nothing." He is ignorant in this area and is sloppy to speak about mycotoxins this way. Indoor mold easily makes chemicals to protect its spores, in ways hard to do in the competitive hostile outdoors. These chemicals alter dozens of hormones and inflammation markers. If you think all these important inflammation labs are tested for in routine weight centers or in Bariatric surgery centers, dream on.

If you alter certain hormones, you start to blow up like a balloon. I am not talking basic hormones like thyroid, testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. That is 1980's medicine for those that have read on the subject, and looked at age related hormone declines. Unfortunately, folks learn about basic natural hormone replacement and then promise weight loss to pateints that often never occurs.

Others act like it is an issue of your character. They instruct you to exercise or cut back on calories, and you feel like you are starving or still gain weight. You might lose a dash of weight, but not what you should lose with all your effort.

Many weight centers fail. So they now tell people that you are healthier if you exercise, but do not expect to lose as much as you would like. This is likely true. Exercise helps the body, no matter what your weight. But that is not the reason most folks go to Bariatric physicians and Bariatric surgeons. They go to lose their large belly, butt and thighs.

So here is the dirty little secret for some heavy people...

Some overweight people are exposed to visible mold or mold that can be smelled. Others are exposed to hidden mold from water leaks in walls, ceilings or floors. Simply, wherever extra humidity is present, there is mold. So some people with excess weight, are exposed to mold chemicals in the air at home, work or school. Unfortunately, some folks are unaware they routinely breathe in mold biotoxins. They notice nothing. They just get heavy. Period.

Sometimes I get involved at this point, since I dislike breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and the twenty other problems connected with a belly over 34 inches for a women and 39 inches for a man (tape measure only). I do very aggressive lab testing, which includes about 25 tubes of blood, which is sent out to many of the leading labs in the USA. Surprisingly, we do not find "nothing." We find many things that can be tuned and addressed. And at times we find hormones and inflammation labs that are consistent with breathing in some mold toxins.

Lisa's Story

She first came to see me because her physician husband from Texas insisted she get a work up. She just wanted to make sure her PMS and perimenopausal symptoms were treated. She was a likeable person and very smart. She talked about failing many diets and swimming twice a week. She was annoyed she still had extra weight.

We did a full series of tests that showed inflammation of the type consistent with possible mold. She mentioned two rooms that had extra water in the past eight years in their home. I did an air sample of eight rooms and found she was right. Two rooms with past water leaking had 10x the mold of all the other rooms. And by the way, indoor air should never have the same spore count as outdoor air – INDOOR AIR IS FILTERED! Indoor air should have a fraction of the spores in outdoor air.

She hired a contractor with fifteen years experience in mold removal and they replaced five dry wall panels in a day. The rooms were sealed off with sheet plastic and the AC was tuned off, and the air blown outside as they worked.

After she was done I placed her on two binders for binding mold toxins at very aggressive doses. In three weeks she suddenly started losing weight "like a switch was flicked." After three months and twenty pounds later, I placed her on the anti-inflammatory diabetes medication Actos, and she lost another thirty pounds over five months. Please note, the Actos does require some grain avoidance, etc., while one is taking it. It is generally not used more than a few months.

During Thanksgiving, she went to her parent's home and a hotel. At both places she was not as sharp mentally and she gained two to three pounds at both locations. When she returned home it dropped off with no effort. She has been excited to find that her weight problem was not due to her dieting sins or her need for more exercise. Yet, mush to her surprise when she has talked to some of her friends, they did nit seem to get the magnitude of her discovery. She reports they prefer to have Bariatric surgery or liposuction.

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