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Autism, Oppositionality, Aspergers, Bipolar
and Other Child Diagnostic Labels:
Wrong in Jordan's Case!

Jordan's mother was the salt of the earth, and his father could not come to our session in Florida, but worked hard to see his son get the best care he could find.

His parents were desperate to find a physician and a school to help their 15-year-old youth. He had past diagnoses that included Aspergers, Bipolar, ADHD, OCD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He had three psychologists test him in the past 4 years and one neuropsychologist. They all agreed he had a good I.Q.

However, he was doing poorly in most of his classes. His parent's noticed only one child had called to hang out with him during the past year, and this youth seemed just like him in "relational complexity." He wants friend but cannot make any. His mother mentioned he had quite a few friends until the second grade. This comment caught my attention. You wonder why?

He came to me after having been treated by two pediatricians and three child psychiatrists over the years. His mother printed out her pharmacy medication list, and poor Jordan clearly seemed to have tried quite a few things. Perhaps too many were offered in a sloppy and impulsive manner. His mother spoke plainly that Jordan had many needs, and yet fought her with any help she might offer. He acted twenty-five but was functioning socially at a lower level than his age. He did not seem to want his mother's help, and yet he sure needed a helper

His mother, Lisa, said her heart was breaking for him. She feared that one day he might just snap. He might bet into trouble hurting himself or others or get arrested. She had no actions to point to but had a sense of "the bottom might suddenly come out."

Her husband told me on the phone, "I just do not know what to do or say. No matter what tact I take, he responds wrong. " He added, "His mother and I feel he is being teased, insulted, rejected and mocked by his peers, and that kills us to know." It has been a month since anyone has called him.

His mother came in and handed me a list of specialized schools. I so respected the love of these parents. I felt so very honored to be meeting folks that love their son so much. These schools were expensive and I was not exactly cheap, but both parents just said, "We do not even ask anymore how much it costs, we just make it happen. This is our son!"

The Unusual Discovery

As I mentioned above, I was curious to see pictures and to hear descriptions of Jordan with friends in his early elementary years. That is an age that requires less social skills, but it does require some significant ones -- kids cannot just wing it if they have social deficits that are serious.

The mother also had mild arthritis in her knee. She blamed it on a serious car accident. But in passing she said it had been fine for over ten years after the initial year of healing.

Autism is complex. All the disorders that Jordan had been labeled with in the past are complex. It is one reason I am finishing up a book called, Out of Control Youth: One Hundred Solutions. And starting one on Autism to Alzheimer's: Neuron Recovery and Repair.

In our extensive testing, which was laboratory tests the boy had never had, we found something that gave me pause. He had a 23-25 band on a Western Blot. The Western Blot is a Lyme test. According to Dr. Charles Jones, a pediatrician who has treated 6-7,000 children with Lyme and other tick infections, having a single positive band that is unique to the Lyme organism, makes it a positive. No other critters can produce the 23-25 antibody. It is like feeling elephant tusks -- only one creature on the planet has them.

So we did a more comprehensive tick illness series of tests at two Tick specialty labs. The parents decided to have him treated with antibiotics for six weeks before the testing. Why? They wanted to see if they could kill some of the organisms and cause higher antibodies to be made. Then the antibody tests might show a clearer positive or negative for each infection tested.

The boy was clearly positive for Erlichia and Bartonella, which are both co-infections found with Lyme, and can cause serious psychiatric illness. Bartonella is quite likely more common than Lyme. The boy also came up positive for Lyme from two different Labs.

One possible cause of his illness is that he had the infectious spirochete illness progress in his early elementary years. And his functioning declined. It is in the brain in 10 days, but commonly with no major symptoms. The mother was also tested and her blood and knee fluid tests were positive from one lab and negative from the other. Antibiotics and joint nutritional agents have decreased her suffering.

During treatment Jordan actually initially was far worse, as the Lyme was killed and its endotoxins in its outer wall began floating all over causing inflammation and other effects. Then he started to improve. He has only been treated for the last 7 months, but his parents have seen changes in the last two months. They are hopeful their son can make some progress. I cannot promise anything in terms of outcome. Only that Lyme and Bartonella will make whatever brain and body he has function worse.

I am delighted they see a 20% improvement. I would take 5%.

Presented as a Token of Respect for the Parent Heroes Who Love Their Own Jordans.

Dr. J

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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