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Complete Pain Care Does Not Hasten Death

Anti-Pain "Experts" Lie & Promote Suffering

One of the great lies promoted by experts associated with the State Medical Boards and the DEA who have paid "experts" who promote suffering and the appeal of euthanasia to relieve pain, is the lie that pain medications cause routine collapse of breathing. I own every major English language book on the treatment of pain, and all report this is nonsense unless someone goes from 40 mg of Oxycontin to massive numbers in hours. In other words, the body adjusts the breathing machinery very fast, and this is not a real issue in pain patients who have their medication raised aggressively, but not 500% in a day.


The Double Effect of Pain Medication:
Separating Myth from Reality



The principle of double effect is used to justify the administration of medication to relieve pain even though it may lead to the unintended, although foreseen, consequence of hastening death by causing respiratory depression. Although a review of the medical literature reveals that the risk of respiratory depression from opioid analgesic is more myth than fact and that there is little evidence that the use of medication to control pain hastens death, the belief in the double effect of pain medication remains widespread. Applying the principle of double effect to end-of-life issues perpetuates this myth and results in the undertreatment of physical suffering at the end of life. The concept of double effect of opioids also has been used in support of legalization of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.

As this author explains, the facts are: Tolerance to the respiratory side effects develops rapidly, allowing "aggressive upward dose titration."


Dedicated to the tens of millions who hate life and suffer daily with pain. I hope the DEA and state medical boards may come to understand they have made you the new lepers of medicine.

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