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Part 2: The case of Dr. Nelson is discussed well in this link to part one.

The New Pro-Pain DEA

  1. The DEA feels it can rape and steal YOUR medical charts with your most private materials based on gossip. They seized 72 patient charts. I doubt they went and got permission from the patients!
  2. They attacked and raided an elderly respected neurologist, who had done more for humanity in four decades of care to the suffering than the youthful agents crashing his office.
  3. Nelson has had to spend $20,000 on lawyers, fearing that the government will indict him if it turns out that one of his patients has misused his medicine. "My practice is sunk," says the 73-year-old physician, who specializes in chronic-pain treatment. If he ends up spending less than his life's savings I will be very surprised. (One of the reasons that some doctors like me will never take Medicare again, is that we will not fight the Federal Mafia for some coding error or government annoyance).
  4. The DEA reports some pharmacists had concerns about "suspicious prescriptions." Such a boring, weak, limp reasoning. I have written scripts for patients in savage and severe pain who long to die from the pain, and have had a minority of pharmacists who were so ignorant about pain medications, it was like talking to a child. Some are medical bigots and the new "blacks" are chronic pain sufferers. Usually it is some anal know-it-all who has never had real prolonged pain themselves. So we have people with minimal college pharmacy training playing "doctor," evaluating patients they do not know, and whose medical studies they have never seen, attacking doctors with at least eight more years of full-time training and years of hands on medical care, and who do much more than count pills. The lesson? If you find an anal snob pharmacist--run!
  5. The DEA is out of control and is wasting public tax money on attacking over 5,600 physicians in only six years for suspicion of "drug diversion." In doing so they are ending pain care and practicing medicine by intimidation. So much for liberty, President Bush, this is promoting chronic relentless suffering, which promotes suicide and is a common argument for euthanasia. We can do better for our citizens.
  6. You and your loved ones will be hurt! Once you get hit by that car or have that horrible fall, you might stay in severe pain. In Pennsylvania, which uses an elderly, long-retired addictionologist as a "pain" expert, I learned of patients who drove to over 25 physicians over eighteen months to find a pain physician willing to write for pain medication, who failed painful injections or aggressive operations.
  7. The DEA is blaming their failure on physicians. "It is impossible to be sure that a patient is not diverting any of his medication," says Dr. Thomas Stinson, an anesthesiologist who is closing his 20-year practice to new pain patients from DEA "fear." The DEA is responsible to catch criminal liars and sociopaths, not physicians. We have sacred oaths that demand we relieve pain if some reasonable evidence exists someone is in pain. If we became as paranoid as they would like, doctors would just stop treating pain. We care for people and give folks the benefit of the doubt.

    But the DEA has started us practicing a new kind of marine corp. medicine. They have taught us to erect massive hurdles for ill debilitated patients to scale to cover our tails, and keep them away. That is the new medical game. We make a person prove they are not gaming us as criminals and make them work so very hard to get care. Basically, we assume guilt and criminality and hurt them with brutal hurdles.
  8. Dosing dopes. Research on pharmacists with basic pharmacology books, medical state board members and the DEA, show they are about 5-15 years behind the 2006 science of pain medication and required effective dosing. So why have we allowed these under-educated pro-pain snobs to control your pain control? It is sadistic and is violent cruelty.
  9. Attacking Good Pharmacists. I invent and publish with top-flight pharmacists. But some other pharmacists look over reasonable high-dosage prescriptions and send patients away from their stores, which are also subject to DEA investigations. They are also scared.
  10. "It's demeaning," says Mary Vargas, a Maryland attorney whose spine was injured in an auto accident. "Pharmacists tell me they don't have the medication...." In other words, they will not order it in, do not want to do the DEA paperwork, and they lie.

Pray This Changes Before You Get Inoperable Pain!

Dr. J

Excerpts from:
Why Is The DEA Hounding This Doctor?
The feds are cracking down on pain specialists, and doctors--and their patients--are crying foul.... By MARGOT ROOSEVELT

For the full article please go to: https://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1083911,00.html

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