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A printed version is available from Amazon.com.


Dr. Schaller's Revolutionary Bartonella Book explodes dubious common treatments for Bartonella. These "treatments" waste seasons and sometimes years of time as you seek health. You will find no other book which has studied these so carefully. He is a prolific peer-reviewed journal writer and book author who has published on alternative progressive medicine. Dr. Schaller has taken this interest and scholarship, and shown some long term alternative treatments fail. This includes foreign treatments of self appointed "sages" whose treatments when taken as directed over a year — fail to cure! In the same way, American "experts" who do not do any rigorous lab testing or any outcome data on their formulas or "protocols" report "cures" based on "clinical response." Any treatment can have 20 effects on the body. A patient might feel better for many reasons, but this is not a cure. Dr. Schaller finds most patients "cured" by foreign sages or American's with protocol mills do not cure at all. While feeling better is wonderful, it is not a cure.

Such sloppy science is why Dr. Schaller has self-funded a fortune in time and years, carefully determining why so many Lyme patients fail to get well, and has found that the massive immune suppressive bacteria Bartonella, with 32 species, is sometimes a cause. He has assembled the first book in history that looks at 40 body signs of clearly positive Bartonella patients to help diagnosis. In Bartonella science in human medicine there are no current books in print that offer any real useful clinical pearls. If this assembly of testing options, outcome treatment testing, the option of four treatments, and these 40 special exam findings do not satisfy some readers, it might be because they have Bartonella, and the 'Bite" it can cause in infected individuals. Some impaired chat room hostile individuals feel they can do better and expect infinity from a book. They are suffering and it is manifesting in hostility and pathological criticism.

In the process of writing this book, Dr. Schaller has read over 1,500 studies, assembled 400 body images and tracked the outcomes of 25 major treatments. Since no one has written a single clinical book on this deadly and serious infection that harms the body hundreds of ways in a decade, it is good someone has finally started the wake up call on this wide ranging and serious infection.

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For the other 39 types of physical exam findings including obesity, eccentric "stretch marks" and special papules and many other findings and a critique of treatment options including four promising options in development, not merely one, go to Amazon.com where you can buy this historic book at a discount price or in full color at prices far below comparable medical books. If you are not 100% satisfied please simply return the book to Amazon.com.

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