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Who Is Qualified to Rate a Quality MD?

Increasingly, a number of sites are emerging that tell you if a physician is good based on about six-nine areas. The amusing part as I look at some with terrible ratings is they have more work than hours in a day. Why? I guess it is because they are associated with a group of various specialists who refer to each other, or work in a hospital where people refer to who they know from the lunch room or hospital meetings.

Recently, despite the increasing shortage of physicians that will be quite serious in the next ten years, some feel they can undermine someone, by posting negative comments on the many proliferating rating sites. Of course these can be opened fully with a court order.

Some of these sites post ratings of literal criminals who have never met the physician. They post ratings of character disordered people who are suffering with emotions that make them reactive and with unusual perceptions and profoundly critical natures.

Others who post write about optimal medicine and apparently know how to fix themselves, but are still on disability and getting worse. Why they have the notion their opinions hold any merit when they are slowly dying, is confusing and very sad. Sometimes, I confess I am upset or impatient with such people and need to be more mature. I have at times been abrasive in my comments, and need to improve in self-care and patience, and be softer with some who are ill and showing it in ratings or devaluations. Some days I am patient, loving and forgiving, and other days I fail.

We have done extensive research on inflammation and misc. infections and their impact on personality. Despite my current work on books 28–33 and having already published 27 top journal articles, I feel this area is still new to me, even though I have read about it and seen it for over a decade. I think we pick it up typically fast.

Many people with brain inflammation and/or infections are not themselves. They may become easily hateful and the worst errors are the actions they do not do--selective integrity. It is a character flaw. Others become rigid, reactive, bitter, entitled, and defamatory. They notice the negative and not the positive in healers over time. They expect cures in a time frame that is not fair to the physician or other healer when they are very ill.

So who is qualified to rate an MD? Perhaps individuals who are well-rounded mature patients who have had at least six meetings with a doctor. Also, those who understand that insurance will only pay for a very limited visit and modest time. Perhaps, also, intensely self-learning physicians who know 20 hours of reading a year is not enough to stay current in any area.

Typically, many rating sites rate an MD on office wait time, his or her charm and the ability to find a cause and offer a useful cure.

My concern is that since medicine has basically been destroyed by many anti-MD sources, too many to mention here, that few physicians could care less about ill and moody character disordered people saying they are not Mother Theresa. The coming issue is getting my patients in to see specialists who do not have a 4-6 month waiting list.

As I reflect on the best physicians who have helped our family, some were not Martin Luther King types. But they were trying. So to become well you may have to make your own adult decision. You might find a great click with a healer, who a local friend did not like.

A long-term MD-patient relationship is like a marriage, and one person might be for you, and may not be a fit for others.

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