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Australia Lyme Disease: Repeating
Tick Infection Errors & Patient Abuse

It is very surprising that Australia does not realize its people have decided the medical care for Lyme disease, Bartonella, Babesia and other tick-borne infections is stuck in the 60's and worthless. Many Aussies are going to other countries for care because of the fascist and close minded approaches of the health services and government. Specifically, we are talking about people who have only lived in Australia, so sorry—they were not infected elsewhere. Please look under the WHATS NEW SECTION or FREE BOOK section of this website for material that will only be shared in Australia perhaps in 5-20 years. We have 12 Tick infection books divided for pure researchers and motivated patients—many free on this site.


The distribution of the ticks in Australia is more diverse then published. And a few writers would propose that ticks with misc. infections can have 200 vectors on three other continents, but have limited vectors and limited range in Australia.

Babesia, Bartonella, and Lyme disease is in Australia. But most of the attention regarding ticks comes from a very old and well known infection from many years ago that is called tick paralysis. Remove the tick and people are better. It is so obvious and well-known the toxin was isolated almost 50 years ago--the one that causes the obvious symptoms. It was even an episode on Dr House (#216), so it is dramatic and hardly advanced medicine.

So Australia is doing the modern infection turtle crawl in the science of tick and flea-borne infections, and abusing physicians and the citizens of their fair medical system, with dated, meager and fair care. But that is OK. Other countries are happy for the tourist medical care, and perhaps in 20 years the Aussie medical world will be able to see more then grossly obvious paralyzed patients and see other illnesses less immensely obvious.

Currently, I am not aware of one top expert who has published one book living in Australia or New Zealand on Bartonella, Babesia or other tick and flea-borne infections.

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