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  1. Why Lyme Treatments Fail — Part One [Published in Progressive Journal]
  2. Why Lyme Treatments Fail — Part Two [Published in Progressive Book]
  3. Fatigue Checklist — some tick or flea infections routinely cause fatigue.
  4. Lyme Checklist
  5. Babesia Checklist — Babesia causes hundreds of medical problems or you can feel fine for years. These Babesia body problems include fatigue, headaches, weight loss or gain, mood change with treatment, low motivation, and many others. [Dr. Schaller has four Babesis Books].
  6. Bartonella Checklist — no lab in the world can detect this super stealth infection in PCR [DNA] or antibody testing fully, perhaps because it partly suppresses immunity. It has more vectors than any infection on earth. [Dr. Schaller has the only recent book on Bartonella—500 pages—offering application of Bartonella chemicals which can alter skin and blood vessels. Bartonella skin and tissue changes may help detect this infection when most direct lab testing is poor, and routine lab tests are not keeping pace with many new species].
  7. Free Babesia Update — free indirect testing pearls in the second half of this advanced book which is based on over 1,000 research papers suggest new ways to detect Babesia and Bartonella.
  8. Bartonella Testing and Treatments are Poor — the top world veterinarian Bartonella expert makes powerful comments asking MD's to wake up. See: Bartonellosis: An emerging and potentially hidden epidemic?
  9. New Lyme species in USA — no regular or send out lab can detect it. See: New New Lyme Disease Species "Discovered"
  10. Bartonella A Stealth Cause of Illnesses? See: Bartonella Update Information on Treatment And Testing
  11. Dr. Schaller Finds a Functional Cancer Cure and Babesia was the Cancer Primer! First, Dr. Schaller finds the cancer cure, lobbies for study money for other researchers, and then finds a primer! In this first published case of curing this cancer by blocking the cancer reproduction enzyme, and his first case report was repeated and proven in over 100 top journal articles, and then "Dr. J" shows it was Babesia as the provoker of this case of HES "cancer." Babesia as the cause in this patient's case, who is also a top doctor, was missed over nine times by very direct Babesia testing, and by over seventy physicians from all over America. See: James Schaller, MD Discovers Babesia as a Cancer Primer.
  12. Want to See Babesia and Bartonella? Dr. Schaller offers the only textbook for seeing forms in a free book. See: Second Free Babesia Images Textbook
  13. New Babesia, Lyme and Bartonella Bibliography Book for Free in a rough draft format which lists thousands of sample references to understand the basics of these three infections. No single position is offered. Book is titled A Bibliography of Selected References for Researchers and Academicians Dedicated to Tick and Flea-borne Infection Science. Download PDF Draft Text of Book / Book Cover

The positions presented in these books and papers are suggestions. Dr. Schaller does not support pure self treatment. Further, these educational ideas and reflections are not meant to undermine the local care of other licensed professionals.

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