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Three Top Texas Physicians Call Medical Board Corrrupt and Abusing Power

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Testimony for Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
May 12, 2010

The hallmark of a free society is demonstrated by a government which is transparent in its actions and transparent in its dealing with the citizens. In this environment, liberty thrives.

Senators, I am Dr. Steve Hotze and the founder of Hotze Health and Wellness Center... We have served over 20,000 patients and have approximately 80 members on our staff...

Senators, there appears to exist several significant problems in the Texas Medical Practice Act which cloak the complaint process in secrecy and have led to abuses. We are here today to seek your counsel and to request for your help in correcting these problems...

The Texas Medical Practice Act currently allows any individual to file a confidential complaint against a physician without the accused physician being permitted to read the complaint or know who filed it. The complainant's identity remains anonymous to the accused physician, although not to the Texas Medical Board (TMB)...

Testimony of Dr. Dan Munton
Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee
May 12, 2010

Distinguished Senators, my name is Dr. Daniel Munton, I am a board licensed physician, practicing in Abilene, Texas. I was a former partner of Roberta Kalafut the past President of the Texas Medical Board and her husband Ed Brandecker. During this timeframe, I personally heard and witnessed her and her husband, discussing, planning and carrying out a Texas Medical Board complaint process to turn in a physician working with their competitors in Abilene. Dr. Kalafut stated that she would have her husband bring the complaint since she was on the medical board. She then said that she would recuse herself from the case. However upon hearing the verdict in the case against the physician, she was upset with the lack of punishment. She said she was going to call a Texas Medical Board Member to have this penalty changed to a harsher penalty. I then saw her make the call and overheard the conversation.

She continued to openly discuss board cases with myself and staff, even in front of other patients. The staff heard her discussing turning other competitors into the Texas Medical Board. Due to this and other ethical issues, I shortly thereafter voluntarily resigned from the practice. I then moved my family from Abilene, to serve out a one year non compete agreement with their practice...

Texas Senate House and Human Service Committee Testimony of Larry Likover, M.D.
May 12, 2010


Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you today. My name is Larry Likeover. I am an orthopedic surgeon, and have been practicing in Houston for the past xx years. I am here today to ask for your help in providing some transparency to the complaint processes of the Texas Medical Board � specifically, the abuse of the confidentiality protections afforded complainants.

Recently, I had a confidential (anonymous) complaint filed with the TMB, listing 32 of my surgical patients. Through some investigation I was able to discover that the complaint was filed by one of my competitors at the hospital. Most the cases were revision knee replacement cases that I performed over a period of several years. "Revision" means that an implant failed for one reason or the other. "Revision" also could infer that there is a problem from the first surgery, but most of the time the failure is due to wearing out of the device...

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