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Stop Nausea, Vomiting, and Morning Sickness: Expert James Schaller, MD Offers Advanced Treatments

  1. Let us start with our dear mothers. First, many OB's feel nausea is a good sign of baby health. But that hardly helps you. REEDS GINGER CANDY CHEWS are not just regular ginger they are bionic ginger. And back when I was a coffee drinker and overdid it, these stopped bad stomach feelings in a minute. My close friends and patients that are mothers found after using, that they needed "100." So while we have all heard of ginger, the route and speed and concentration of extract REALLY matters.
  2. Transdermal Promethazine—a treasured friend and I were going diving in the keys. A hurricane was 6 days out, so we did not think we were being foolish. I took 50 mg of transdermal or through the skin promethazine. I was the only one not vomiting on the boat of about a dozen people. I carry a huge CPR back for emergencies and had enough for everyone on the boat, and they all wanted it. in three minutes no one was sick. And obviously wanted to order. Consider having a prescriber get from Lionville Natural Pharmacy at 610.363.7474 USA or Myerlee Pharmacy at 239.482.3022 USA. It comes in a suppository that also works fast and is usually covered by insurance.
  3. Transdermal or Oral Ondansetron (Zofran) revolutionized chemotherapy because it added another tool to stop the misery of chemo. The oral is the only one that does not need a compounder, and coverage is fair.
  4. Marinol is perhaps best simplified as the active agent in pot. Many other chemicals have been isolated, including one that only stops muscle spasms. My opinion is we will have 5 more drugs acting very different than Marinol coming in the next 15 years. My blunt feeling is that if God made it, in the same way as a pain killing poppy, why can I not use it to cure misery? It is simply a fact it has profound help in many types of pain, vomiting, and other diseases. I will not enter the debate on legalization other than to say users do not belong in jail. If they are addicts and have no trade--make them productive tax payers. We cannot afford to be the land of liberty and the world's top jailor. And we have some top police, firemen, teachers, and others who deserve the pension promised, if possible.
  5. Donnatol—when I was in college I had a horrific flu that caused immense vomiting and I actually ended up in the hospital. Suddenly I felt perfectly fine. I was the son of a very smart progressive OB/GYN who had given me a few different things that never worked. And my first act was to mention this drug to him. Some write the phenobarb in this drug which is a mere 16 mg--think puppy dose--is for "anxiety." My belief is the mix of components stops stomach spasms. But you should take it at the soonest moment possible. Because if you are already vomiting, it is hard for it to dissolve. I have never made into a transdermal but it would likely work. Currently, most prescribers do not really feel this is the best option, so the competition to make it cheap has been lost. So lets all order as a nation and get competition—joke.
  6. Herbal Safe Tar—If you are suffering with a very sensitive stomach at all times and if you drink innocent things and your stomach reacts, the film to hold the acid has defects, and they can be so small a scope does not see. Consider 5 marshmallow and 5 slippery elm in the evening as the last thing on your stomach. In two weeks it is stunning. It makes a strong healing paste in the stomach.
  7. Be tested for H. Pylori by two methods if nothing is working
  8. Handling Tough Herbs or Meds—If you take a medication and feel sick ONLY on that herb or drug put empty capsules around it—two—and the sizes are 4.0.00. and 000. Best price is Amazon.com or a similar seller and search "gelatin capsules 00" as a sample search. The treatment will open below the stomach.
  9. Delayed Nausea/Brain Nausea—If you get ill from medications hours after the treatment, it may be brain nausea, in which the infection's debris and increased inflammation make you ill. This may be due to a protocol dose that does not fit your regional strains and is too high and too fast.
  10. Feather touch of belly—we have a massive neuron system just under the skin and in the skin. I have seen a VERY gentle touch of the skin over the belly drop modest nausea. But I do mean feather light.
  11. Increase Magnesium Inside cells—most oral magnesium merely prevents constipation. Many nutrition writers do not understand calcium displaces magnesium inside cells and this increases spasms, inflammation, possibly auto-immunity, cell recovery in brains, hearts, etc. Cells with good magnesium levels INSIDE cells, in vast numbers of research articles, do better if injured or bothered. Other routes of getting useful magnesium are transdermal, IV, SQ and IM.
  12. Brain nausea—some infections create daily nausea and vomiting. Some treatments can kill too much of an infection and agitate the vomiting neurons that control the vomiting chain reaction, which is quite complex. This requires very careful dosing and treatment.

Other options can be found merely by searching "nausea treatments." My work is with people failing treatment, and not merely what you could find in a 5 minute google search. I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. Why have someone suffer—ever—if we can stop it?

James Schaller, MD

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