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Prolific Pro Australia Patients MD Author: The State of
Australia Lyme Disease

The patients who contact me from Australia have a number of concerns, and troubles that hinder healing. Let me just list a few for Australians with Lyme disease.

  1. The only infection discussed is Lyme disease--only ever Lyme disease. I have never met a Lyme-only patient.
  2. No understanding of which infections cause what signs and symptoms.
  3. An expectation that one can read 20, 30 or 40 pages of a seminar or guideline book, and become an expert at tick infections.
  4. Australia has had a fascist suppression approach, which scares patients and physicians, and those who can afford to fly for treatment, leave home for care. This is utterly unreal.
  5. No one in this country is an expert on Babesia and Bartonella, and the "sages" promote for Babesia 750 mg yellow pain Mepron twice a day with a useless 500 mg per day of Zithromax. That anyone takes this seriously is ad and 17 ear old science which we have found is inept.

    One also reads a serious of options from journal papers, that seem useful, but fail in the body such as Zithromax, levaquin, mycobutin, minocycline, Ceftin, banderol, Cipo, rifampan, and 30 others. It seems if you have a deadly long wait list, are cost effective, and read 30 papers you are a Bartonella treatment expert. Nope.
  6. Diet and herbs are the main options to "boost the body's immunity." This is already a good goal, but takes work, and in the end little is reduced.


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