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Simple Babesia Treatment: Current Valid and False Cures

I am currently writing a Babesia book reviewing all of the treatments from the many present options, coming from the many malaria treatments available. Since the range of options is vast and the book is coming along too slowly, I would like to share some initial ideas.

  1. The blind application of malaria drugs to Babesia treatment is like confusing a tractor with a bike. It is confusing that the assumption is made that all single cell parasites get the same treatment.

    Some believe Biaxin (clarithromycin), minocycline or simple natural Artemisia (sweet wormwood) work in malaria, so therefore it must work in Babesia.

    Some malaria medicines work to kill Babesia but they are not used in a similar manner. A simple blind use of a malaria killer for Babesia treatment is sloppy medicine, "magical" and dangerous, and when smart healers practice this way they may allow harm to a patient by poor treatment. It could mean death, serious disability, weight change, significant fatigue, heart attacks, headaches, stroke, and 200 other troubles that can exist because the clinician will think a treatment works.

    One Babesia researcher feels Babesia kills more people than Lyme disease. I appreciate he is reminding people to stop the Lyme fad and weird Lyme-only fetish, and to look for and treat the other serious infections carried by the tiny Ixodes scapularis ticks, including very deadly Bartonella bacteria that is more common than Lyme disease in humans.

  2. One medical disaster is the use of only simple direct testing for tick and flea infections. By this I mean if one wants to find Babesia it is only diagnosed by getting a positive on a Babesia antibody test or getting a positive PCR for Babesia which means Babesia DNA is in the body.

    So if you suspect a tick infection, the only testing done is an ELISA. And the only organism looked for is the Lyme spirochete. An analogy is the doctor goes to a lovely Sunday brunch and only eats lettuce.

    We do not depend 100% on diagnosis with other serious illnesses. If someone shows clear signs of a stroke, a bone fracture, a heart attack, a sudden inability to breathe while eating, we often act without labs to tell as we treat ASAP. Indeed, CPR or a choking person in a diner is based on zero lab information. We are literally talking life and death issues in these common medical emergencies, and I would suggest the research shows none of the top tick infections are trivial, but at times can cause disability and even death at an unknown frequency.

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