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James Schaller, MD Wins Two More Awards From Patients

Nov 27, 2011

Hi Dr J

I hope you had a nice thanksgiving. Just to let you know I gave thanks for having you as my guardian angel. Thanks for being there to talk to whether I paid or not. I know that my thyroid is trashed after chemo. I also received a puzzled look when I asked about other labs that are emerging medicine. Sometimes I feel like I could be my own doctor somewhat. It is nice to have your real help and concern many seasons after our last session. Simply, no physician has treated me like you. Thanks to you for teaching me how to be an educated patient. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. I would probably be dead by now if not for you. That you were seriously suspicious and nagged nicely, and your routine follow up made me realize this is nti casual. You truly are the best. Ms. Daniel, Maryland,

Nov 21, 2011

Reviewer: Terri Burkhardt

Dr.Schaller is the best! He has done for my husband what other doctors could not. My husband is very sick. Dr. J. uncovered the under lying cause. We now know what we are up against and already see improvement. I am so happy we found him and took the trip to see him. He is a brilliant doctor who really cares about his patients.

Jun 30, 2011


The words "thank you" don't seem to cover it. You are every bit as brilliant, animated, and delightful to be around as I imagined.In short, for the fist time in the evolution of my complex and long termillness, I am ready to sit back and be the patient. What a change.All I wanted to say is, I idolize you. You're incredible. My gratitude and the sense of relief - felt was indescribable. My husband felt that finally, we had found "our guy." I couldn't agree more!Yours truly,A. C

Jun 15, 2011

Fantastic man. He has me almost completely healthy (about 99%) and it feels amazing. I am now one semester away from earning my juris doctorate and practicing law. He is a blessing.

May 8, 2011


I've been to multiple physicians and specialist, some good, some not so good. Dr. Schaller was a bit more costly, but when you think about overall time vs. amount, my primary MD charges $150 and examines me for 10 minutes maximum. Pro-rate that and you do the math for an hour!His thorough lab testing is second to none and able to detect infections and diseases indirectly, which is so necessary in a day when lab sensitivity is all but useless for those of us with not so easy to find medical problems.In four simple words, he saved our lives!

May 3, 2011


Reviewer: Mike T

My first conversation was like talkig to a brother. He is very smart, but down to earth. We spoke for quite some time--free.He sent me free information.I think he thought I was shopping, and just wanted to offer things to help my problems.When I did see him, I made more progress in two months than I had with many others. I liked the way he used the stuff from other docs to help me. He said they helped him even if I was not better.Really into medicine. Like his drug. After sessions he has sent me home with articles or books--so far for free. And you sence he really cares and is trying to help you. I am pretty much back to myself.Nothing but good to me.

Apr 6, 2011


Extensive review of symptoms, really listens, caring, and is an outside of the box thinker! One of the best docs I have ever seen!

Mar 12, 2011


Came from Southern CA to see Dr. Schaller. Ten years of treatment including I.V. and every antibiotic you can name. Continue herxing to this day and couldn't get out of bed. At 50 felt like 90 and thought dying for certain. Dr. Schaller was first clinician to pay attention to my high mold test results that other doctor's ran but didn't know what do to about. Found impossible to get better if constantly bombarded with toxins. Because of him got my house fixed and am now finally starting to feel normal. There is no one else out there like him. Will always be grateful for pointing me in right direction and getting health back. Lizzie

Mar 10, 2011


Sweet, helpful, gave me free time. Clarified many things. Nice. Smart. He does not put on airs.Smart and easy to talk to when embarressed.

Mar 3, 2011


I live too far away from this doctor, but read a book he wrote a few years ago that helped me, and I had some questions. I did his 5 minute consult chat form. He called the same day. And he spent 30 minutes discussing a wide range of issues for me and other family members, and asked me to explore them with my local DO and naturopath.It was surprising to see someone love medicine, and enjoy talking to me. I was not rushed. And he joked while sharing very fascinating ideas. If I ever come to his area on a vacation or business, I am definately coming to get a real consult.

Feb 1, 2011


Reviewer: grateful

We have fatigue issues, aches, nerve trouble and trouble with sleep. These re just a sample. He was very nice and warm. We are getting better pretty fst, and his ability to find all the causes of troubles is very good--not rushing us.

Jan 20, 2011

Saw Dr. Schaller after taking my kids to at least 15 other "specialists." Finally figured out what was wrong with me (not chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia as other docs had said, also not MS). He was able to help my children stay in school and I could finally work again without being in pain. Highly recommend taking the time and effort to see him.

Jan 11, 2011

Brilliant doctor and extremely knowlegable in many area, always available, always caring. He lives for his profession and it shows in the care he provides to his patients.

Jan 1, 2011


Talked to me for 30 minutes for free, despite knowing I could never travel.Many useful ideas.Seems to read and know much.My sister, who is a physician, is almost fully normal from working with him

Nov 30, 2010


My two small children and I first saw Dr. Schaller four months ago after being treated by another LLMD for over a year. Our treatment had stagnated and while somewhat better, we had not gotten fully better. My 3 year old daughter had a stutter that had come on with the Lyme disease and while her other symptoms had mostly gone, this one was sticky. We saw Dr. Schaller and literally within two months of his program, her speech is remarkably better, to the point that no one outside our family would know she had a speech issue. My husband and I as well as her nursery school teachers are amazed. My son and I are also on the road to recovery. Dr. Schaller is very responsive---he calls immediately if we need to talk and we had an initial consultation at his office within a week of calling. We travel from London to see him and it is worth the trip. He works well with our local doctor here as well. We think he is fabulous.

Nov 17, 2010


Reviewer: relieved

Was pleased I was finally helped with a number of challenging medical issues-insomnia, aches, fatigue, etc.

Oct 5, 2010


No peer in many areas of medicine and many books that are leading books in top issues we have had to deal with in our externded family. Playful, passionate, intense student of new information and loves people who have failed other physicians.

Sep 5, 2010


Reviewer: Gage E.

I am currently a patient of Dr. Schaller with great success, and I recently brought my children to see him. Dr. Schaller and his office personnel are warm and inviting. Both he and his staff actually made special arrangements to fit my childrens and my schedule rather than their own. Dr. Schaller, his staff, and office are family friendly equipped with toys and space for the children to play between rooms during the appointment. My son, who has previously been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Autistic spectrum disorder) generally does not tolerate new places, situations, or people (especially new adults) well. Normally, my son would withdrawal during a doctors appointment refusing to lift his head or cooperate with requests (even the doctor he has seen since he was a baby). This was not the case, however, with Dr. Schaller. Both children immediately warmed up to his magnetic personality. Dr. Schaller thoroughly took case histories, examined the children, and completed numerous lab requests all while keeping the children entertained and happy. Patience is a virtue and Dr. Schaller definitely retains that virtue. He is passionate about his work and his patients. Dr. Schaller is a brilliant and innovative physician. God has placed Dr. Schaller on this earth to do great things, and Dr. Schaller is not only fulfilling that purpose but also completing such great things with Great Love. My children and I could not ask for a better physician (and office staff).


Sep 1, 2010

Very caring, follow up is great, have improved an incredible amount since being under his care.

Sep 1, 2010

Very easy to contact when I have questions or need to talk.

Jul 23, 2010



Any negative review of this "BEST DOCTOR OF AMERICA" as voted by his physician peers, and with oveetc or mentally ill or medically ill strangers who are sick after years and are being sued in both state and federal courts for pretending to be patients or for theft with retaliation br 25 peer-reviewed journal articles and about 28 top books, and 24/7 access, are fake people who have robbed him and he has reported to FBI, the postasl serviced. y defamation.

Google was so bothered by one blog they gave the ID of the crinimal over without an appeal--unheard of them doing such a thing. Dr. Schaller gives away thousands of materials a year and free consults all over the world. He is a member of medical justice that opposes fake patients defaming about treatment they never had and are opposed to the loss of specialists due to constant malpractice cases of lawyers who are richer than Buffet with TV advertisements costing millions on every channel. Good luck finding an OB MD for your pregnancy in the area presidential candidate and lawyer Jonathan Edwards "worked" using junk science that many feel was fully wrong. Medical Justiuce is opposed to junk science and junk experts who are whores who will take any side to be paid massive income. So when this person who is opposed tro Medical Justice complains--good. Find another physician who has 26 books and 27 top articles and practices widely, because this MD and other top subspecialists are tired of paying large parts of thier income for the year to malpractice insurance companies and letting lawyers with 9th grade science dictake massively complex medical care. Would you want you physicians all to aviod hard patients as they do in Canada? That is one good way to not need Medical Justice. Just treat the healthy well younger patients. Schaller treats hard patients from all over the world.

May 30, 2010

Reviewer: Patricioli

Dr. J diagnosed my problem when no one else could and has me on the road to healing. He's a compassionate gentle giant.

May 30, 2010


Reviewer: Jenny Miner

My son would not be on the honor roll for the 2nd year in a row if it wasn't for Dr. Schaller. I have since started a non-profit organization to draw attention to vector borne illnesses. My organization, Think Zebras Inc. has guided many individuals either to Dr. Schaller himself or through the processes he uses with their own physician. Over and over he has been correct or proven to be correct by other doctors. I also own an air conditioning company and have seen the effects of mold more than most people get to see. He is absolutely correct about that too. We had to move from a toxic environment long before I met Dr. Schaller. I had one daughter diagnosed asthmatic and one needing tubes in her ears, another with chronic UTI infections and a son with a chronic cough. All we did was move and all those symptoms went away, no tubes, no asthma, no more UTIs, no more cough. I am enraged by the people bashing Dr. Schaller because if their harsh opinion prevents even one person from being SAVED by seeing him or considering his theories...SHAME ON THEM!!!! To me it's like getting in the way of a speeding ambulance. He is not a fraud, not even close. He is brilliant, passionate and mildly eccentric. It is not easy to be Dr. Schaller's patient. He requires you to be his partner in your healthcare and you must work. You must read and make decisions based on what you learn. You must do exactly as he prescribes. If you don't, it could become a problem for you and he tells you that up front, 100 different ways. I heard a testimony in person from someone who hates him and her story was full of details I personally knew were not true. Please do not judge him based on bogus or negative information. I am willing to be contacted through Think Zebras if you need further assurance. I am going to copy and paste this post into Vitals and Health Grades because I have 4 kids, a husband, an air conditioning company and a non-profit organization to take care of and need to save time.

May 27, 2010


Reviewer: JGB

Dr. Schaller is caring, kind, professional, brilliant and relentless in his quest for an answer. He is by far the best doctor I have gone to. You can go to others but you will get the answer the first time if you go to Dr. Schaller.

May 26, 2010


Dr. Schaller is by far the most attentive and intelligent medical expert I have had the pleasure of working with. The man had answers for me in minutes, with blood work to confirm in days. He takes all of my concerns into consideration and has tailored a unique protocol to my specific medical needs. I have made dramatic improvements in a matter of a few months. I would not leave my medical care in the hands of anyone else!

May 25, 2010


Reviewer: Taylor Rowen

I cannot get over the negativity that nips at goog natured, caring doctors who are braver than any other physician on the planet; yet, at the same time, I can. My own daughter was so Ill during the peak of her Bartonella and Babesiosis, her character disorders were blaringly obvious and often abusive tooward the very person who was making her well--Dr. Schaller! Only now that her symptoms have all but subsided and reaching the end of a long and frightening fight with tick borne infection, can she look back and have the genuine insight--something that diminishes with tick infections/diseases--to wonder what she could have been thinking. Fortunately, Dr. J has a sense of humor and the patience of a saint! Without it, I'm sure he couldn't keep helping and sacrificing all he does despite tthe hatred within the community of those affected by Bart, Babs, Lyme, Erlichia, etc.

May 22, 2010


Reviewer: Nancy Novak

Dr. Schaller is a gentleman, a scholar, and knows the future of multiple health issues by about ten years. Before relocating to FL, Dr. S diagnosed me and my son with multiple health challenges, knowing instinctively how to best treat us. Dr. S. listened keenly to my thoughts and feelings, seriously considered my input. He continually researches complimentary medicine and recommends it accordingly. Dr. S not only saved my life, he helped me improve the quality of my life.

May 19, 2010


Reviewer: m. Walsh

The trip to the states was well worth the time and money--on an ongoing basis, Dr. Schallet has personally restored health and vitality to a near dead home. We knew immediately that he understood our needs, but at the same time, he admitted NOT knowing a few specific things and devoted his time over the next few weeks to learning inside and out the mechanics of the aforementioned unknown elements. This guy is top notch

Jun 3, 2010

Reviewer: Janelle B. Elliott

I have been to many doctors over the past 5 years (to no avail) in search of a cause and treatment for my numerous symptoms/ ailments. I discovered Dr. Schallers website two years ago, and realized that my symptoms correlated with those noted in his articles on tick-borne diseases and mold-related biotoxins. My heart and mind told me that both my children (who also have several health concerns) and I needed to see Dr. Schaller, but I allowed my husband, friends, doctors, and finances to convince me otherwise. In that decision, I made a huge mistake. Two years later, and thousands of dollars wasted in other doctors fees and surgery, I asked my primary care physician to run some particular tests for me as a favor (tests I had gleaned from some of Dr. Schallers and another LLMDs articles). I tested positive for Lyme, had a low MSH level, and have a genetic inability to properly rid myself of biotoxins. (Dr. Schaller was able to interpret the genetic profile test for me as my PCP ordered it, but did not know what to do with the results.) I finally had the ammunition to convince my family that I needed to see Dr. Schaller. Prior the appointment, I had read many of his articles and two of his books. I am ashamed to admit that I thought he would be a little cocky or arrogant, but I was COMPLETELY WRONG. He is a humble genius and very personable. He determined that in addition to Lyme, I also have Babesia, and Bartonella. Knowing that my finances are tight, and that a specific medicine is expensive, he had his office personnel give me information on a program so that I may apply for financial assistance to cover the necessary medicine. I am eager to begin treatment, and am thrilled to finally be on the road to better health. I now will begin to make arrangements so that my children can be healed by this marvelous man as well.

May 16, 2010


May 5, 2010


Reviewer: Ali Schaefer

It's hard to put into words the kind of hope I had for my family when we walked out of Dr. Schaller's office after our first visit.Now, cynics would be thinking, "just wait till the honeymoon phase is over!"Well,cynic, I say to you this: it has now been four YEARS and some odd months, and my big Italian family is as healthy as all those phoney people in excercise and vitamin ccmmercials LOOk! Dr. Schaller is a part of our family, and we couldn't say enough good things about him and his caring staff (one picked me up from my hotel and brought me to the office appointment!).We LOVE Dr. Schaller!!

Apr 29, 2010


Reviewer: jill c.

Ticks everywhere are cowering just knowing this guy is aroind. Dr. Schaller is the most reputable, knowledgable MD on the planet. My family members are living quality lives again thanks to his constant learning and commitment to working with us to fine tune care for each individual patient, which is 200% better than any previous Doctor, in my opinion!

Apr 14, 2010


Friendly, available and helped my children. He is a full time research type physician, so he is up to date and creative with hard issue


Apr 9, 2010


Reviewer: Chris Hayes, Ellicot City, MD

with my unique history and diagnosis (one that would have gone by the wayside had I not seen him), no single MD-&?4 % $&91 -seen dozens from CA to NYC and in between!-- has given me the unique and personalized attention that Dr. Schaller has. He's like a part of our extended family now :) originally, I brought my adolescent to see him for behavior problems and was reluctant to have myself tested (bloodwork). Well, not only did my lab work reveal life threatening ailments, but we found out my son had physiological--not mental--reasons for his behavior. Very treatable and beautiful progress for both of us, with the follow up labs to prove it! This guy is the real deal, truly a blessing

Apr 8, 2010


Reviewer: Reality of Ill nasty patients

Dr. J treats the sickest of the sick, and some very bitter and rough people. He treats people others do not want to touch.

Apr 7, 2010

Ive been an ongoing patient of Dr. Schaller for for the past year. After years of suffering, the many previous doctors I saw either never found any problem or doubted everything I said. One doctor even wrote a defamatory letter about me. My muscles were extremely weak, I had constant fatigue, I was unable to sit, stand or walk for more than a very brief period, I had non stop shaking and many other problems. Then, after many years of suffering, I got lucky. A great doctor who realized something was terribly wrong looked at my blood sample under a microscope. He found spirochetes and had me take a Western Blot test, confirming what I was saying. At that point I sought out Dr. Schaller.As treatment continues, tests show significant improvement as Im walking, standing, and sitting much longer and no more shaking. I no longer need a cane to walk and the fatigue problem is much improved. After all these many years of suffering, there is hope for a normal life again.

Mar 31, 2010


This is a very good doctor. I have been his patient for four years, and by now would be dead or worse if it wasn't for him. He gave me the right diagnosis, has had success in treating me, and now i see light at the end of the tunnel instead of hopelesness. He approaches his career, and his interaction with patients as if it's the body of his life's work, and not just a job. He is also insightful, understanding, tolerant, optimistic and very smart. His hourly rate is more than reasonable, considering he has a qualified staff, and does a lot of research - all of which cost money (not to mention the rising cost of everything that has to do with healthcare). I wish him the best in his future, and hope he succeeds


Mar 14, 2010



Dr. J has large numbers of free pages of information and books for free on perhaps 20 web sites. Yet on very rare posts you might see a sick, bitter and personality disordered person who is obviously not well, defaming this MD about his fees. He is a full-time student/researcher, and does not run a medical mill. He does immense work for free and other things that are not posted. If you want cheap and speed medicinehe is the wrong healer. If you want profound attention, time, personal and tailored care, with and a wide range of solid explorations into your troubles or a childs troublehe is a good choice. He was elected as a TOP PHYSCIAN IN AMERICA by his physician peers. I have a copy of their book listing these physicians. They are the cream and the best of the best.

Mar 2, 2010


Reviewer: Misdiagnosed Mom from PA

In 1986 I was told had chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mono and high epstein barr. No one knew about lyme back then. Thankfully many years later and a few additional tic bites, I found Dr. Schaller. After listening for a while, he asked a few questions, then said "you need labwork to determine exactly what is wrong, but I suspect you have lyme" that was in the late 1990's when NO ONE would have diagosed me. Years later he diagnosed by Babesia - both Duncani and Microti, along with Bartonella. I feel very sorry for those illiterate, angry, sick people who refuse to acknowledge Dr. Schaller is brilliant - just because they either can't (as in can't or won't spend the money to see him) or refuse to acknowledge perhaps he knows a few thousand things they don't. I'm alive, healthy and symptom free, without ever having an IV stuck in my arm and these Bartonella bite nasty women insist on trashing him... when they have obviously never met the man, talked with him or have any clue about who he really is - the man that saved my life!

Jan 29, 2010


Reviewer: Chris O

I have been a patient of Dr.Schaller for over two years. He is the most knowledgable of all MD's. He takes the time to listen to your symtoms, do extensive lab work, and develop a plan for a cure. He is not a turnstyle Dr and does not rush you through in 10 min. He will give you as much face to face time with you that makes you feel comfortable. He is the most compassionate Dr. and does not belittle you in any way to feed his ego. He is the BEST Dr I have ever seen. I feel like he is not only my MD but also my friend


Jan 9, 2010


Reviewer: 3 Babesia Patients

During my first visit, it was very apparent to me that me and my two children were in good hands. He is incredibly knowledgeable because half of his time he researches and the other half he treats difficult cases. Our case specifically is difficult because we all have Babesia Duncani. This strain of Babesia is very agressive and we were so so sick. Dr. Schaller is the world expert on Babesia. I honestly believe that if I didn't find him, we would still be bedridden.He is exceptional and I would recommend him to anyone.

Dec 17, 2009


Reviewer: tk boyle

After many physicians, Dr. J found out the troubles in my family, and now we are doing well.He was worth the travel.

Dec 8, 2009

After going from one doctor to another for the past almost 9 years I'm so very thankful that we were led to Dr. Schaller. He knows what he's doing and I have seen many improvements in the few months I've been working with him. He keeps a close eye on me as a patient and is incredibly easy to get a hold of if I have any questions or concerns... you work directly with him and I've never experienced that with any other doctor I've ever had to deal with. He truly does care and I have the utmost confidence in his knowledge and ability to get you to the finish line. I have lyme, babesia, bartonella etc., and don't feel like I'm on my own anymore and just stabbing in the dark like I did with other doctors. In my opinion.... he's the best


Dec 7, 2009

Reviewer: A family in California

Dr. Schaller is treating our whole family for lyme disease. He works directly with each of my 3 daughters and has spent the time to get to know them as 'people' and not just lyme patients. My girls have told me that they have grown to trust Dr. Schaller and that is a huge plus. If we have a major concern between appointments Dr. Schaller is just an e-mail away. We have come to appreciate being able to always work directly with Dr. Schaller, no nurses, no middle people, always Dr. J. That is so rare these days. We have been to so many doctors over the past 8 years so we are well aware of what's out there. We feel blessed to be working with Dr. Schaller. :) I have seen more positive changes in the short time we have been seeing Dr. Schaller then I ever did with any other doctor. It is giving my girls hope. :)

Dec 6, 2009


Reviewer: Chris M.

Dr. J is an excellent Dr. He treats me and my two children. All three of us have seen huge improvements with his treatment. He is gifted in understanding blood test results and determining next steps for each individual. His treatment is specific to you not a protocol. I definitely recomment him to anyone who has Lyme and especially if you have Babesia. He is the best in the country at treating Babesia


Dec 6, 2009

Dr. Schaller never fails to amaze me. His attention to detail is just a bonus to the remarkable care you will receive. Dr. Schaller has helped my daughter regain her life when we felt we had nowhere else to turn. He will listen carefully and explain thoroughly. He will uncover problems we never saw and provide solutions along with options to provide as much comfort as possible along the way. Dr. Schaller has been blessed with a gift and he truly cares about his patients.

Dec 5, 2009


Reviewer: Jane, Connecticut

Six of us in CT in 2006 and 2007 were sick with a mystery illness. We collectively went to 28 doctors who tried to figure out why we were sick with stabbing pains, night sweats, incredible fatigue, swollen joints, aches, chest pain and air hunger among other symptoms. We had dedicated doctors, but they were stumped. Finding Dr. Schaller was, for us, like finding the needle in the hay stack. He was able to figure out the cause of our illnesses with extensive labs, and he did not give the same labs we had already been given. I owe the fact that I am not disabled right now to Dr. Schaller. Dr. Schaller and his staff went far above and beyond and he was especially kind to my son. I gave Dr. Schaller the highest ratings here...but frankly, for us, he off the charts!

Nov 21, 2009


We have been to many physicians and this one was the most helpful, sweet and caring, and smart. I mean seriously smart. We are already 75% better in only four months.

Nov 13, 2009


Reviewer: Lisa S.

I have been to many physicians, and Dr. Schaller clearly knew how to be a medical detective. He likes tough problems--I was one.Now 85% back to myself.I am pleased I made the trip.

Oct 1, 2009


Reviewer: Pam, Texas

I sit holding back tears of joy this morning. Sarah goes on talking about a talk she is preparing in science class year book staff meeting she is preparing for. We honestly lost this child for 2 years. When she was first brought to the ER on 7/07 and she was seizing and the doctors worked on her for what seemed like eternity. All I could think about was, are we going to lose that special personality. For some reason I did not fear the loss of her life, but he ability to do or be something special in this worldwe would never share her joy and insight with others. We had no idea of course what was wrong. She is back, she is back. I thank God for that. I thank God for putting you on this earth and guiding me to you. We Thank you! Pam, Texas

Aug 14, 2009



26 Books and 27 Papers and around 24/7--find that anywhere!He is now in Florida because PA is an anti-MD state.Our loss.

Apr 21, 2009


Reviewer: Molly

Through a strange twist of circumstances, we were made aware of Dr. Schaller and the help he had provided to a family. Our 27 year old daughter was suffering neurological problems and various odd health maladies. A beautiful college graduate with so many plans, only to hit a brick wall. We had been to so many doctors and specialists over the years, only to feel frustrated and let down. She and I made our way to Naples for an appointment with Dr. Schaller. He diagnosed her with Lyme, babesia, and a-typical bartonella. He was wonderful. We spent quite a long time with him. He never looked at his watch or became distracted. He listened to every word my daughter said. He did extensive testing to fully understand her situation. Even though we live hundreds of miles away, our communication with Dr. Schaller and his staff is excellent. We love them all. Our daughter is working hard at recovering but we are seeing tremendous improvement and have every expectation that she will be returned to the full life she deserves. Thank you Dr. Schaller, his staff and not least of all his family, who have sacrficed greatly so he can devote so much time to research, writing and treatment of the hopeless. If there is any way possible, you should seek him for treatment. He will make a tremendous difference in your life.

Apr 15, 2009


Reviewer: Shelby

Dr. Schaller is simply remarkable; he diagnosed my young son and eldest daughter with Bartonella and Babasia, which we later discovered I passed on during pregnancy. Until then, we were struggling daily with fatigue, unexplained rashes, rage issues, you name it! We're all on the road to better health now, thanks to Dr. Schaller!

Jun 30, 2008


This doctor saved my life. I went to several doctors over several years and was getting sicker and sicker. This doctor took the time to figure out the root cause and got me functional again. He is very arrogant but many of the other doctors I have seen were arrogant with no results to back them up.

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