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In addition to being rated by MD's as a "Best Doctor" and by patients and physicians as a "Top Doctor," Dr. Schaller is now rated by patients with a "Compassionate Doctor Award" and a "Patients' Choice Award."

On some evaluation sites he is listed as the best physician in the state in his primary specialty.

Sample and Routine Patient Reports

Dr. Schaller is by far the best doctor I have ever experienced in my entire life. He has helped me regain my quality of life and continues to use bleeding edge remedies to conquer my illness. He is very kind and compassionate about his work. He continues to provide real answers to problems other doctors could not solve. He is availability 24x7 provides me a piece of mind that if I have a serious problem, I know I can count on him around the clock.

Dr Schaller is the "Best" doctor I have ever seen. Thanks to him I am alive today. He has literally saved my life twice. Lucky for me he did not tell me "it was all in my head" as a lot of other doctors did before I found Dr. J. Not only is he a "genius" medically, he is also the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. If you are looking for a GREAT doctor your search is over. He truly is "The Best".

04-02-2012 My wife Irena and I know Dr. James Schaller (Dr. “J”) as a World Class Physician, Researcher and an Expert on [Tick Infections] (Including Co-Infections – Bartonella and Babesia). My wife was originally misdiagnosed by the licensed medical community and was getting progressively worse until she became a patient of Dr. Schaller. Thanks to Dr. Schaller – my wife is now successfully recovering from untreated Tick infections. She is back at her full-time job, has more and more energy and smiles frequently again. Dr. Schaller is more than a World Class Expert – he is Caring and Loving. Five Stars – All the Way. George Sevecek Sunny Isles Beach, FL georgesevecek@yahoo.com (305) 944-4849

After having been sick for many years, Dr. Schaller tested me for many things, determined what medical problems I had, and then began treating me. I started feeling better within days. I was able to begin law school after about three months of treatment. Now, I'm healthy, I've graduated law school near the top of my class, and I'm getting back into drug-free bodybuilding. Dr. Schaller has been a blessing from God to me. He is incredibly knowledgeable, generous with his time, and most importantly cured me. Dr. Schaller is a great physician and healer.

There is not enough room for the positive attributes and accolades this man deserves. He is dedicated to his patients so much that he will not stop at anything to get them well. Unlike most doctors, Dr. J doesn't focus on one "part" of the body then pass you off on another "specialist" when he can't "fix you;" he is dedicated to finding the real cause and offering a personalized treatment plan that will have you feeling better than you ever did. After seeing Dr. Schaller, I've come to expect more from my doctors and walk away from any who are not willing to be an advocate for me. Let's just say that my family doctor was and still is in awe of Dr. Schaller's knowledge and compassion for me because, according to her, he saved my life and she still cries when she sees me because she didn't think I'd ever be able to work, walk, or even think like I once did. He's given me my life back and offers hope when no one else could. I've trusted him with my life and now owe it all to him.

I have known Dr. Schaller for over a year now, and I would trust my entire family and friends to his care with my eyes close. I don't know where to begin to express all the positive qualities that Dr. Schaller has not only as a top notch physician but as a person. He is very different from a typical doctor. Doctor Schaller always takes the extra mile to help you. If he is booked, he finds a way to squeeze you in. You are not alone while you are undergoing the treatment. He is there for you to help you, to guide you, and to encourage you when things get tough for you. He is always available. He returns your calls. He gives you the time you need. And he tailors a treatment to your need, and not textbook treatment. He is kind, he listens to you, he is friendly, professional, super super knowledgable and smart. And he is on top of new research, he is always there for you. He is my guardian angel. I highly recommend Dr. Schaller. He will help you and help you heal and get your life BACK!

Dr. Schaller's knowledge surpasses any doctor I have ever treated with. He just does not give up on a patient. I was sick for 12 years, the last year almost being bedbound. No other doctor could uncover what caused my ill health. I am now functioning like a healthy person again, enjoying life, thanks to Dr Schaller. This man is dedicated to helping people and savings lives. I highly recommend Dr Schaller especially if you have not been properly diagnosed and still are sick. Two others in my family now see Dr Schaller and we all love the caring physician he is. Dr Schaller has given me back my life and health and I will always be grateful to him.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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