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Dr. James Schaller saved my life—my community is in awe

You have absolutely saved my life and my entire community is in awe.

Like my doc said, "you found your "House" Cher." She said just by going through this experience with me, seeing me go from a high functioning, high maintenance gal in control of her life, to the shell of who I used to be with no idea of where I was or who I was.

She said she really thought I was going to die and she had no clue on what to do when docs she referred me to treated me like a crack addict or told me I was "just wanted attention."

She said what she's learned from my experience and your research has totally made her question everything she "knew for sure." My doctor is completely fascinated by all of it. I am blessed to have you and her both and I will say it to anyone, anytime. "You're my hero :)"

Thanks for all you do for all you've helped.


Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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