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Polish Patient Reports Dr. J is "Off Any Scale."

I am a patient of James Schaller, MD who we call "Dr J" for about a year. He is helping me in Europe since Europe has so few people that are advanced in my many medical struggles.

And it's actually the first and only person who has helped me with my health conditions. I have sought help from many types of doctors and alternative medicine doctors.

If I was to rate Dr J, I simply could not. He is not to be rated with other good doctors.

His knowledge of all medicine and science is huge. He has profound experience. and real care and treats me as a friend. He is my doctor and now also my friend.

In every way, I would rate him above any charts and there is no enough stars to give as Dr J is the brightest star himself!

I know other people he is helping as well, and his care and attention to detail is both professional, careful and very caring.

He even organised a time in his busy schedule to do an educational video conference for patients and MD's in my country, which lots of people were very happy with as they told me later. They reported the knowledge of Dr J is excellent and they would love to have more of these sessions organised.

I have been knowing Dr. J for a while now and he has became a very good friend of mine. He is not only a genius doctor but a very caring person and a great friend.

Dr. J has done a lot of good things for the world already, and is sharing great knowledge through many books and articles which anyone can read and even download on his web or read on face book.

I wish all doctors were treating patients the way Dr. J is and not only medically but also with deep care for a human being.

Beata Piskorz (Poland) April 7, 2015

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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