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Organic Tick "Pesticides" and Oils

In my last book, I discuss organic tick killers and oils from various sources that are as good or better than DEET.

Here are some new options for yard and area spraying:

  1. The F52 strain of the Metarhizium anisopliae fungus, which occurs naturally in soil.
  2. It is very wrong, as discussed in my last book, to say lower deer is the way to drop Ixodes ticks as Ostfeld shows in his amazing textbook.
  3. Nootkatone is from essential oil from Alaskan Yellow Cedar and is effective at killing infectious ticks.
  4. Grapefruit derivatives are also very toxic to ticks.
  5. Cedar oil is not really available for large lawn use since it is only exists in cosmetic purity and is expensive. No cedar oil is made at high volume use for lawns that is cost effective.
  6. A garlic spray does suppress tick activity for around two weeks.
  7. A rosemary oil product, called EcoEXEMPT, will eradicate ticks for at least two weeks.


See: scientists-find-fungus-that-kills-lyme-disease-carrying-ticks.

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