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Naples Express Meals: the Best of the Take-Out at Your Door



Dr. James Schaller, MD, MAR

One of the greatest memories I have growing up with my parents and five younger siblings is the times of joking and sharing over great food. My Pop grew up with a tight budget with ten other siblings and my mother decided her children came before use of her education, so food was a big deal to all of us. We trashed talked and played over Mom's wonderful meals or would get occasional take out as Dad would come back from delivering five babies that day.

The delightful owners and managers of NAPLES EXPRESS MEANS really know food. And they really know diverse food. And in a few minutes you can get some of the best options in elite Naples dining in its way to you in minutes.

The advice and honesty has been spot on. The cost is consistent with saving all the wear and tear drive time of a round trip pick up.

The options are large, and only growing, as Naples Express Meals keeps adding and adding--they are a future thinking operation.

And every driver has been serious and concerned with the delivery and every one has been careful and fun to meet.

Long day and too tired to cook? Would you rather spend one on one time with loved ones instead of cooking?

Do you want a day off from cooking? Or want something different?

Give Naples Express Meals a try.

I have used them for our family many times—so now they know my voice and most common top options. And many of these are very hard to find in Naples.

Just my way of thanking some great people who have helped me enjoy so many evenings after a very full day.

By the way, my order for tonight just arrived with delivery by a top experienced menu expert 15 minutes sooner than expected.

But they deserve it.

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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