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Mystery Illness With Weight, Fatigue, Headaches and No Solutions From Smart Doctors

Where Does On Turn When Many Expert Doctors Cannot Help You?

According to the Indy Star News, the medical records of Mike Jones and his family fill almost a dozen boxes. They contain the records from cardiologists, endocrinologists, hematologists and gastroenterologists.

The records describe bouts of fatigue, weight loss, hypoglycemia, blood clots, head aches, tumors and more.

But none of the doctors - even those at IU School of Medicine - can give the Joneses the name of the disease that is afflicting the family.

My appeal is that medicine as largely finished is a wrong approach. We do know many of the healing options that are coming, and if only a small number of them are added to what we offer, more solutions will help more people. If that is fused with emerging respect for integrative or other treatments beyond merely synthetic pills and the knife, we will be able to offer even more superior care.

For example, a number of infections missed most of the time can cause some of these troubles. A couple would be Babesia and Bartonella—read more under FREE BOOKS on this site. They are just two of an immense number or bacteria and parasites and viruses in tick stomachs? The use of only direct testing to test for just one leads to less information.

Since when is less information helpful for a patient. And since when did a few organ failure labs actually pick up much. I recall a paper done many years ago that found that a routine yearly exam and a few standard blood tests missed so many medical troubles, it was fairly shocking. But that is what insurance companies want. They want one test for your five problems. Because in the end, you are account 6197T2828BW.

I recall many years ago a top insurance executive for a well known insurance company came to me, and did not want to use his insurance in any way. The man seemed to know his company.

James Schaller, MD, MAR

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