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The Bad News is Your Home, Water or Air Can be Toxic Indoors with Heavy Metals, Mold Toxins and Even be a Former Meth Lab!

You and Your Family will Typically experience Mystery Illnesses.

The Good News is it is Easier to Detect — Even a Meth Lab!

Years ago I wrote about the four metals that found their way into family well water. For a small price you can have more the the silly bacteria, PH and lead test, an option no one had 50 years ago.

Now we know from the EPA, that 30% of USA structures, like the COLLIER COUNTY SHERIFF BUILDING IN NAPLES is filled with sickness producing mold chemicals, and with new top labs and thousands of academic articles on indoor mold, now it is part of a home or business structure sale inspection—but not one done by top experts DR. GARY ROSEN OR DR RICHARD LIPSEY IN DAVIE, AND JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA, respectively.

Jason Sickles, a top writer with Yahoo, reports that a family, the Hankins family bought a foreclosed house for a good deal and were eager to tune it up. He reports they said, "It needs a little bit of love, but it's got good bones,'" Jonathan Hankins recalled. "We just had no idea that those bones were poisonous."

Indeed, Mrs. Beth Hankins, an ER nurse, started experiencing breathing problems. Then her husband Jonathan got migraine-like headaches and nosebleeds, and their 2-year-old son, Ezra, developed sores....A neighbor shared the bad news--the Hankins were living in a former meth house.

The family ordered a quick test showing a contamination level nearly 80 times above state limits.

Writer Stickles explains that "Joe Mazzuca of Meth Lab Cleanup, a national remediation and training company, conservatively estimates there are 2.5 million meth-contaminated homes in the U.S." The drug is invisible in many settings, and I would suggest it is unlikely current home inspectors have training in recognition of this toxin. They were very smart to not ignore the clear medical issues in all three family members.

However, a home sold "as is" likely limits the buyers options if this is found after the sale and if it was unknown by the seller. In this case Freddie Mac was the seller--they handle morgages and meth labs so the local neighbor knew more then thed did.

Two options are direct lessons from the author and the Hankins family--talk to your future possible neighbors and test for chemicals yourself. Also consider contacting the local police. The DEA has a National Clandestine Lab Registry. It was proposed that local departments of health may have information, but I hope the operator who answers knows who to send you to when you ask them, "I am looking to buy a home at 344 Jones Street, and wonder if it was a past meth lab, has asbestos or radon?" The latter two poisons are known to some inspectors, but not meth residues.

I hope the exposure kindly offered by Yahoo and Jason Stickles October 2012 will help make Mr.Haskin's wish come true: that this will stop from happening in America and it will set up a new standard that makes examination and disclosure of this poison part of a mortgage agreement.

Note: Reading this article assumes you have read the informed consent on this site. Never self-treat based on this article. Always consult licensed medical and mental health practitioners.
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