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Eight years ago top national remediator and builder Dr. Gary Rosen, CIE and I were talking and I explained my distress in people trying to remediate their own homes and how so many could barely think. So we decided to humble ourselves and write a book that does not flash our doctorates, mine in medicine and his in biochemistry, and write a book for those who were actively ill.

We both agreed that the book should expose people to issues with the body and the building, and with over fourty-five boks between us, we needed to make it able to be read in a couple hours and not days. We did not want to blow busy people away with the massive data we had collected.

We also knew that it had become a fad to use only one binder which never binds all mold toxins and inflammation chemicals. For example, cholestyramine is a well known tbinder of biotoxins with a forty year history, including effective use against molds for over a decade. And the military was not helping soldiers suggesting only activated charcoal to drop mycotoxins and inflammatory chemicals. When I ran this by a pentagon contact it was not followed up. Will it be followed up after a mold poison exposure?

Mold Illness Made Simple

The Reality is One Needs Many Ways to Remove Mycotoxins. And all one needs to do is read to see that the binding agents needed to remove all mold pathological chemicals are diverse.

So we made sure that people understood you cannot get better, ever, if you are constantly exposed to massive amounts of mold debris. When this was first published many scientists and defense lawyers mocked the notion of mold toxic chemicals. Well now we have 33,000 articles that come with the search "mycotoxins," and we can literally measure top mold toxin chemicals in human urine. And the lab we use has never been rejected in top court cases.

As usual, lazy people are found to be wrong. Because for them it is not about an eager search for truth and healing.

On behalf of my treasured and brilliant friend and co-author, Gary Rosen PhD and myself, we wish you a full recovery.

TAKE A LOOK INSIDE!Download PDF of selected pages.

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main page books and articles schaller health creed facebook testimonies search
Table of Contents
Home Cleaning and Vacuums3
Mold Toxins in the Air Hurt People5
The Effect of Indoor Mold on the Brain6
Two Mold Hiding Places10
Attics, Crawlspaces & Basements13
Maintenance Insanity15
The “Perfectly Fine” Filter17
Greens are Good for Baby19
Wacko Mold Cleaning Solutions21
Troublesome Storage Locations and Containers23
Carpeting and Special Rugs25
Moving Moldy Materials27
Happy with Mold: The Loss of Insight29
Covering Up Mold31
Mold and Your Head33
Sample Mold Effects on the Brain33
The Impact of Mold Chemicals on Cognition, Emotions and Personality34
Musty Smells and Visible Mold37
Summer Health39
The Dirty Little August Secret41
School Opens & Child Eagerness Falls43
Problems that Come and Go45
Child Complaints47
Silly Mold Testing49
More on Your New Best Friend: Filters51
Mold as a Casual Curiosity: Losing Your Insight53
Most Physicians Have No Mold Toxin Training55
Anxiety, Depression, Agitation and ADHD57
New Problems with a New Home, School or Job59
Vague Cloudy Medical Diagnoses for Mold Illness61
Allergy Trouble is NOT Mold Toxin Exposure63
Indoor Mold: A Caring Physician is Not Enough65
Alternative Medicine Does Not Get It Either67
Mold Illness Hurts Relationships68
An Indoor Mold or Biotoxin Symptom Checklist69
A Biotoxin Mold Checklist70
Mold Toxin Use in War: More Than a Runny Nose73
Bee Feces and Toxic Yellow Rain73
Do Mold War Toxins Relate to You?74
Mold Toxins Given as Cancer Treatment75
Need Money to Remove Mold? Get Elected Governor!78
You Know You Have the Wrong Remediator When...79
Humidity Meters: A Cheap Way to Test the Waters80
Buying a Portable Small Humidity Meter80
Keeping Humidity Healthy81
Training Your Eyes to Discern Indoor Mold in Sixty Seconds82
Powerful Lessons from Finland88
Laboratory Testing for Mold Symptoms90
Go Beyond Simple Allergy Labs With a Small Taste of Special Mold Labs90
Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH)91
MSH’s Massive Role in the Body92
Testing MSH95
Does MSH Replacement Exist?95
Leptin and Obesity96
Mold with Lyme Disease or Other Infections Routinely Missed98
VIP—A Powerful New Body Substance Routinely Ignored99
The Miracle of Thermal Cameras—Why Every “Mold Expert” Must Use Them.100
Laser Particle Counters Required for a Professional Remediation103
A Real World Laser Particle Success Story104
Blind Insurance Companies105
Water-Soaked Walls: Some Basics to Save You106
What is a Healthy Humidity Level?107
MERV 11 Filters108
The Rosen $250 HEPA "Machine"112
Air Handler Filter Slots113
Portable HEPA Machines114
Filter Comparison115
How To Change An Air Filter Without Filling Your Home With Mold Toxins116
The Inexpensive N95 Mask Made Super Simple119
N95 Mask Markings Made Simple121
Common Junk Air Filters: How to Make a Duct Cleaning Company Wealthy122
Handling Musty Moldy Books124
What Do Mold Labs See: A Sixty Second Introduction125
Basic Spore Images Used to Identify Molds127
Black Mold Spores130
Just Because a Mold Has No Toxins Does Not Make It Healthy131
A Dangerous Mold: Stachybotyrs or “Black Mold"132
The Stachy or Black Mold Fetish: Missing Other Molds134
Additional Important Blood Testing Labs135
Myelin Basic Protein135
Anticardiolipin (IgA, IgG & IgM)135
Antigliadin Antibodies135
ANA with Refl ex136
Epstein Barr Panel136
Lab Tests Done By Quest Labs137
Other Labs For Future Blood Draws137
Complement 3a or C3a137
Future Blood Lab Research138
Binders, Binders and More Mold Toxin Binders139
New Home and Building Denaturing Agents141
Increasing the Bodies Ability to Remove Biotoxins141
Gene Disease Evaluation Made Simple142
Other Mold Books by Drs. Rosen and Schaller144

From the Book

Do Mold War Toxins Relate to You? [1]

Testing of mold toxins on people is not usually performed. Low doses of war mold chemicals caused eye problems, tearing, blurred vision, skin symptoms, blisters, skin redness various rashes, burning, swelling, nausea, vomiting and intestinal discomfort. Canadian Medical forces found these types of symptoms in soldiers 100-300 meters from the mold artillery devices exploded in former Cambodia. The symptoms took 2-5 minutes to start. (Many patients enter a moldy school, building, store or home and have many similar symptoms in a few minutes).

Others exposed to these war agents experienced nasal itching, pain, a runny nose, nosebleeds, a sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, air hunger, chest pain, dizziness, headache, fatigue, a rapid heart, and voice changes. Perhaps you or your loved ones have experienced some of these symptoms. Larger doses caused death in minutes to days after a "high dose" exposure. Some died of severe stomach bleeding and bleeding in the intestines.

Mold Toxins Given as Cancer Treatment [2,3]

A common way to kill cancer is to give a person a modest poison and let the fast growing tumor take up the poison faster than other body cells and eventually die. In other words, fast growing cells like tumors die easier with chemotherapy.

Mold toxins are poisons and were examined for their ability to kill cancer. Simply, it seems that there is really no such thing as a useful or safe dose of a mold toxin. Patients were given anguidine, a mold toxin, to try to kill their cancer. Instead, the tumors were not hurt and the patients had a wide range of side effects:

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  2. Goodwin W, Haas CD, et. al. Phase I evaluation of anguidine (diacetoxyscirpenol), NSC-141537). Cancer. 1978;4:23-26
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