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Mepron or Atovaquone is not Perfect for Babesia

In 1995 Krause published a useful paper proposing that Mepron two teaspoons were a good daily treatment for Babesia. He added that 500 mg of Azithromycin was a good add on to prevent resistance. While this was useful information, and a good proposal, I am surprised that many feel that this was a treatment plan coming down out of the heavens, and after seventeen years, this approach could not be improved on.

First, I like that this doctor reminded people this year that Babesia is dangerous.

Second, these two drugs can be of use. However, some are too sensitive to two teaspoons as a starting dose, and need some days or a week to handle 1500 mg (two teaspoons). Further, some clinicians are noticing that over the years it seems like Mepron is less and less effective. Some propose Babesia is becoming resistant to Mepron in some locations. Wittner reports Mepron and azithromycin helps kill Babesia resistant to older drugs like clindamycin and quinine. Other researchers report resistance may already exist to Mepron and azithromycin (Wormser). However, I do not see routine treatments modified based on this possibility.

It also should be noted that the treatment dose for Mepron is the same for all adults, but some clinicians alter the dose for tolerance, side effects and optimal benefit.

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