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The Terrible Care in Canada for Canadians Being Treated for Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Babesia, Lyme Disease and Bartonella

I treat many people from Canada. And the notion that they have a superior medical system when compared to the one in the USA is silly. Of course, the USA is increasingly creating physicians who will increasingly push back severely on the slavery model and attitude of lawyers and stupid politicians, but we still have it better than in Canada. One push back is relocating. Another is retiring. Another is working part-time. Another is only taking simple patients. Small minds think they can beat physicians, but you cannot replace any 25 year trained medical doctor. If they are not happy, they leave or stop coming. I would die before working in Texas because the board is corrupt and inept and uncreative. New Jersey and Texas make it hard to be licensed, so why bother? I can live without armadillo's and corrupt New Jersey Troopers who are masters of the speeding ticket. Better beaches exist all over the world outside the USA. Like I said the President may feel because 16% of physicians are in the AMA, and this trivial AMA supports his complex poorly understood bill, it is stunning that he does not understand most physicians reject the AMA passionately, with the exception of very young doctors in training.

You cannot have a solid state medical program without treating physicians well. And treat one bad, and 1,000 will read about it. And they do not trust media sources, they trust their sources which are not the AMNEWS which I have published in many times.

In Canada, physicians in family practice want the well, and not the sick.

Little aggressive study is done in Canada by clinicians since, well, why bother if you have no reward to do so?

If you need specialized care of complex labs, good luck getting them before you are dead.

And expertise in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Babesia, Lyme disease and Bartonella simply does not exist in Canada. For example, I am not aware of one academic text on tick and flea infections in the entire country of Canada. I am working on my 13th.

Perhaps you have heard of surveys that state Canadians are happy with their health care system. Which is supposed to show they have a good system?

Hardly. At any given moment, most people are healthy and therefore may be oblivious to how difficult it is to access care when they need it. The average person likes the idea that they are not paying health care premiums to an insurance company while forgetting that they are paying exorbitant taxes to pay for low quality health care.

Also, Canadians have been brainwashed by a very liberal and largely state-controlled media that depicts American health care as an evil capitalist system that simply lets people die in the streets. The reality is that Canada denies far more care to people than does America.

Eighty billion dollars per year is spent on charitable health care in America, more money than is spent on the entirety of all health care in Canada. Sixteen percent of Canadians cannot access primary care. In Canada, you cannot see a specialist without a primary care referral.

There are 750,000 that are waiting various specialty services. These are frightening and substantial numbers but remain a minority of the entire population so the majority can be falsely indoctrinated that everything is just fine. Unfortunately all of us eventually need medical attention at some time in our lives. I suspect that if a satisfaction survey were done selectively of those that are awaiting care, the results would be quite different.

This last section is from the book, The Last American Revolution, by a Canadian physician who has fled to the USA and writes firmly and soberly about the need to keep medicine away from the government. I agree. The only thing the government does to health care is make it inferior. And I have watched government touch medicine--every touch is inept, sloppy and drops the quality of care and causes the top minds in America to look away from medicine. Do you really want people with an IQ of 110 being your physician? They will not sweat to add the explosion of new and creative options that are coming AFTER RESIDENCY AND THEIR FELLOWSHIP.

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