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James Schaller, MD Rated Expert, Top Caring "HOUSE"

The Schaller Team receives highly supportive comments.

James Schaller, MD is a top scholar and loves his patients—an immensely rare combination.

Smart people realize that when you reject physician extenders and call all patients yourself and only take the sickest people, you are not in this for popularity, since the ill are the most labile at times. And no one reading 40-50 hours a week is making a real top physician income and definitely zero savings. They read full-time in medicine due to a passion and a love of helping the hopeless. Dr. Schaller has many nick names and can be very silly, since he loves treating children and in medicine he is immensely serious--some play is useful. In this context the most common nickname he has been given over and over by people who do not know each other is "A nice Dr. House." Meaning, in regards to the TV series, he is a diagnostic genius, and is not as cold and uncaring as the role in the popular show.

This is how I feel about Dr. Schaller and what he has done for me. I do not talk to him like a person I see for five minutes. Here is an example from my recent email exchange about my upcoming appointment: I'm just overall SUPER excited to tell you and show you my improvement! Although I'll be in Florida for my uncle's wedding, my appointment with you is just as exciting for me; I can't wait for you to see how much better I am and thank you in person for everything you've done this past year. (My whole family actually wishes that they could do the same, but you'll just have to take my word for it!) You've saved my life! I never would of dreamed that only a year later I would have made such progression and have my HOPE regained once again! I know you hear it all the time from patients, but because of YOU I am able to once again contribute to this world, believe in myself, see a future filled with hope, and most importantly - be the mother to my son that I once was. Recently my 11 yr old - Trent- told me just that and said he can't wait to do things together like we "used to." I'm afraid to imagine what my life would be like now if not for the serendipity of finding you."I know he sounds "too good to be true," but I am a living testimony to the man's skills. ALL doctors should operate the way Dr.J does: listen to their patients and more than just 5-20 minutes, treat each patient and their illness on an individual level AND be available to their patients 24/7.

Mar 22, 2012
Dr. Schaller is extremely knowledgeable in his field and was the first doctor of many to accurately diagnose and treat my conditions. I would and have recommended him to many. I have since taken 2 of my 4 ill children to see him, and hope to get my other 2 to see him in the future. He listens, takes time with you, and does an appropriate work up. He emphasizes patient education and safety. Dr. Schaller was the first doctor to address my depression and chronic pain, as well as ordering other treatments, some very innovative, for symptom management and comfort. I bless him every day for his compassion and thoughtfulness. He has given my family hope for healing and a brighter future.

Hi Dr J
I hope you had a nice thanksgiving. Just to let you know I gave thanks for having you as my guardian angel. Thanks for being there to talk to whether I paid or not. In terms of labs, I would just like to see where my numbers are after chemo. I know that my thyroid is trashed after chemo and doc tried to put me on Synthroid. When I asked if my freeT4 or free T3 [Thyroid]was low he looked at me like a deer in headlights. I also received a puzzled look when I asked about other labs that are emerging medicine. Sometimes I feel like I could be my own doctor somewhat. It is nice to have your real help and concern many seasons after our last session. Simply, no physician has one treated me like you. Thanks to you for teaching me how to be an educated patient. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. I would probably be dead by now if not for you. That you were seriously suspicious and nagged nicely, and your routine follow up made me realize this is not casual. I am not trying to give you a big head (ha,ha) but you truly are the best. Love always, Ms. Daniel, Maryland,

Reviewer: Terri Burkhardt
Dr. Schaller is the best! He has done for my husband what other doctors could not. My husband is very sick. Dr. J. uncovered the under lying cause. We now know what we are up against and already see improvement. I am so happy we found him and took the trip to see him. He is a brilliant doctor who really cares about his patients.

The words "thank you" don't seem to cover it. You are every bit as brilliant, animated, and delightful to be around as I imagined.In short, for the fist time in the evolution of my complex and long term illness, I am ready to sit back and be the patient. What a change.All I wanted to say is, I idolize you. You're incredible. My gratitude and the sense of relief - felt was indescribable. My husband felt that finally, we had found "our guy." I couldn't agree more! Yours truly,A. C

Fantastic man. He has me almost completely healthy (about 99%) and it feels amazing. I am now one semester away from earning my juris doctorate and practicing law. He is a blessing.

I've been to multiple physicians and specialist, some good, some not so good. Dr. Schaller was a bit more costly, but when you think about overall time vs. amount, my primary MD charges $150 and examines me for 10 minutes maximum. Pro-rate that and you do the math for an hour!His thorough lab testing is second to none and able to detect infections and diseases indirectly, which is so necessary in a day when lab sensitivity is all but useless for those of us with not so easy to find medical problems.In four simple words, he saved our lives!

Reviewer: Mike T My first conversation was like talking to a brother. He is very smart, but down to earth. We spoke for quite some time--free.He sent me free information.I think he thought I was shopping, and just wanted to offer things to help my problems.When I did see him, I made more progress in two months than I had with many others. I liked the way he used the stuff from other docs to help me. He said they helped him even if I was not better.Really into medicine. Like his drug. After sessions he has sent me home with articles or books--so far for free. And you sense he really cares and is trying to help you. I am pretty much back to myself.Nothing but good to me.

Extensive review of symptoms, really listens, caring, and is an outside of the box thinker! One of the best docs I have ever seen!

Dr. Schaller is rated a 4.9/5.0 which is "good." That is a 98 or an A plus or exceptional.

04-02-2012 My wife Irena and I know Dr. James Schaller (Dr. "J") as a World Class Physician, Researcher and an Expert on Lyme Disease (Including Co-Infections – Bartonella and Babesia). My wife was originally misdiagnosed by the licensed medical community and was getting progressively worse until she became a patient of Dr. Schaller. Thanks to Dr. Schaller – my wife is now successfully recovering from Chronic Lyme. She is back at her full-time job, has more and more energy and smiles frequently again. Dr. Schaller is more than a World Class Expert – he is Caring and Loving. Five Stars – All the Way. George Sevecek Sunny Isles Beach, FL

After having been sick for many years, Dr. Schaller tested me for many things, determined what infections I had, and then began treating me. I started feeling better within days. I was able to begin law school after about three months of treatment. Now, I'm healthy, I've graduated law school near the top of my class, and I'm getting back into drug-free bodybuilding. Dr. Schaller has been a blessing from God to me. He is incredibly knowledgeable, generous with his time, and most importantly cured me. Dr. Schaller is a great physician and healer. Logged-in users can respond publicly to this rating

4/2/12 Dr. Schaller is by far the best doctor I have ever experienced in my entire life. He has helped me regain my quality of life and continues to use bleeding edge remedies to conquer my illness. He is very kind and compassionate about his work. He continues to provide real answers to problems other doctors could not solve. He is availability 24x7 provides me a piece of mind that if I have a serious problem, I know I can count on him around the clock.

Dr Schaller is the "Best" doctor I have ever seen. Thanks to him I am alive today. He has literally saved my life twice. Lucky for me he did not tell me "it was all in my head" as a lot of other doctors did before I found Dr. J. Not only is he a "genius" medically, he is also the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. If you are looking for a GREAT doctor your search is over. He truly is "The Best".

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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