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Strong James Schaller, M.D. Rating and Endorsement

For anyone reading these testimonials trying to determine if Dr. Schaller is the "real thing", let me assure you that he is. There is no doubt in my mind that he not only saved my life, but also my sanity. When I started seeing Dr. Schaller a year ago, I was in horrific pain having been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome for both my hands and my feet. I had also developed arthritis in all of my major joints.

Despite being on the highest doses of pain medicine available, every night was torture. In addition to the pain, I was also extremely ill with my hair falling out, gastritis attacks, dizziness, recurring fever, chills, nausea, sinus infections, lung infections. So many things were going wrong with with extreme daytime somnolence, headaches, scalp burning, loosing my hair, fevers, chills, severe gastritis, dizzy spells, nausea attacks, lung infections, rashes, swelling, inflammation, etc. The nightmare began in Nov '06 when I awakened to a small bump on my right thumb that was directly on top of the joint. The little bump got bigger and within 9 months had ravaged my body.

Despite seeing countless specialist, no-one could find out what was wrong with me. I stumbled across Dr. Schaller's largest website by accident as I was researching neurotoxins. He had experience in so many divergent areas of medicine, that at first I was a little doubtful as to his authenticity. After reading one of his books, reading the testimonials and articles, and a lot of prayer and discussion with my family, I decided to make an appointment and contacted his wonderful staff. I could barely walk when I entered his office and feared that within weeks I would have to start using a wheelchair.

After a 1 1/2 hour session with him, I had hope for the first time in a long time. Greater than 40 vials of blood was taken, and within 1 week, Dr. Schaller was able to explain to me why I was so sick and that I was dangerously ill. Within 2 weeks, the horrific burning pain affecting my hands and feet had almost disappeared based on his novel use of a Suboxone for therapeutic purposes together with treatment for Bartonella. Over the course of the past year, I subsequently tested positive for Erlichiosis, Lyme, Babesia microti, and Babesia WA-1 (ducani). Although I am not yet fully healed, I have come a tremendous way and have complete confidence that Dr. Schaller will heal me and that he will not give up until he does.

And I have one other thing I want anyone considering seeing Dr. Schaller to know.

With Dr. Schaller's concurrence and at his request for a consult on a virus he found, I attempted to visit the Emory Infectious Disease Group in Atlanta (where I live). My legs and hands had broken out with numerous ulcers and lesions the Emory Crawford Long ER MD also wanted me to go to their Infectious Disease group ASAP. I submitted to them all of my test results, doctor visit information, etc. requested.

After waiting three weeks to get an appointment, I was told that I needed to continue seeing Dr. Schaller. I responded back "Why? I can't believe that one of the top infectious disease groups in the Southeast is unable to treat me and I requested that the head of the department be consulted". I was told that the head of the department was the one who reviewed my file, that he is their Lyme disease expert, and that it was not that he could not treat tick borne infections. It was that upon his review of my medical file, Dr. Schaller had already utilized all of the available treatment options. He felt my best interest was to remain with Dr. Schaller as he had nothing else to offer. I admire the Emory doctor for his honesty and putting my interest first. I also appreciated having an esteemed infectious disease group validate what I already knew. I was also glad Dr. Schaller and another physician were eager to get other opinions to put me first, and not their egos.

Dr. Schaller is my version of a friendly "House" for those who watch the show. He still has much to offer me, unlike all the others. I will soon be starting a new set of treatments that Dr. Schaller recently devised for those who resist the routine treatments for Babesia. I don't know his actual IQ, but it has to be off the charts. We are all extremely blessed that he feels compelled to offer treatment to those of us with nowhere left to turn.

Victoria from Atlanta

Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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