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Improving Tick and Flea Infection Treatment

Never Start Two Drugs the Same Day Unless Dying

In many papers and books, authors present treatments that clearly suggest a set dose and a number of treatments starting the same day.

I have already written extensively that a tick or flea infection cluster, which might be from 10 bites over forty years, does not have a set dose in the real world with species variants, different species, and your unique body. However, I am frankly confused about another practice common in all areas of medicine--the practice of starting two treatments at the same time. By the way, raising a dose is considered a new treatment. Why do I not like the shotgun approach? Here is a sample of the reasons.

  1. You have a rash or allergic reaction—you have no idea which treatment caused it.
  2. You feel nothing. So you feel both drugs are a joke, but raising one treatment and then the other drug or herb two or three fold can gives a clear sensation that is not a side effect.
  3. You feel poorly and think it may be due to the effectiveness of the drugs. But it might be that one drug causes 90% of this sensation and should be lowered, and the other drug is merely killing at a 10% level—it is functionally useless. It needs to be changed or increased.

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