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Improving Current Tick and Flea Cluster Infection Treatment

Timing is the Only Reason Lyme is the Central Infection

As Napoleon was retreating from cold Russia, the destruction of his army was partly caused by Bartonella. If this had happened in 1970, we would be talking of Bartonella disease, and Lyme disease would be a "mere" co-infection.

The fact that Bartonella has vastly more vectors than Lyme disease, and more vectors than any other infection in the world would be old news.

The massive immune suppression by Bartonella, which is easily measured, would have been routinely tested. These tests are in many top journals, but everything is still as a footnote to Lyme.


A hundred years ago all the cattle in the southern USA were killed by Babesia. If this had happened in 1970, and about 10,000 cattle suddenly died in a massive epidemic, it would have been an international news story on CNN.

Now, Babesia is just tested for in rare patients by sending off an antibody test or a DNA/PCR test which misses many positive patients. These tests are inadequate and the testing laboratories show massive variability in results, demonstrating that Babesia is an emerging infection with diagnostic testing twenty years behind.

Babesia now has over thirty-five species posted in public genetic databases, and many species in humans are rarely sought out by even basic direct testing unless someone starts to approach death. Already another Babesia-like infection has been found with unique DNA unlike Babesia—it comes up negative on routine Babesia testing.

Further, Bartonella can suppress titers of all or many infections at times. I have no idea why this happens in some people and not others.

After about fifteen years of looking into these other key infections, some healthcare professionals realized that routine scripted testing and treatment approaches often fail.

Many tricks exist to detect Bartonella, Babesia and even Lyme, if one thinks widely, understands hormones, nutrients, inflammation chemicals and anti-inflammation chemicals. Also, just reading lab results published in my sections in Indirect Testing for Babesia and Bartonella is very clear in Babesia 2008 Update.

I published this top journal testing material at least four years ago. Nevertheless, few throughout the world use it. And there is no country in Europe able to do all these basic tests.

The capacity to read the indirect test results, which are covered by insurance, does not exist, even when they are shown to talented clinicians. Perhaps if one is a clinician doing a 50 hour work week, instead of a 50 hour reading week, they would master this quickly.

Consider reading the Babesia 2008 Update unless you know nothing about this infection. It is not a neophyte's book. The lab tests I mention are in the second half of the book.

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