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How to Read Hemobartonella vs. Mycoplasma Results
for Treatment

Schaller, MD Reply To Recent Post On Fry Labs

I think the proposed symptoms of Bartonella on various sites and in misc. books are OK as a starting point.

Our Checklists of Bartonella, Babesia and Lyme are from review of English literature at the time of CHECKLIST publication. The trouble is you need years to read and years to split out one infection from another, which never exists except in pure Bartonella. Lyme alone never exists.

I have been involved closely with the emergence of Dr Fry's lab and I deeply appreciate his immense investment, and profound help in being one of the top sources as we were trying to determine what actually killed Babesia before March 2007, and Bartonella since 2005 or 2006.

Since Dr Ed Breitschwerdt and others around the world got involved, we stand by everything published over seven years ago and more recently regarding the reading of these Fry smears and the REQUIRED FULL MASTERY OF THE BODY CHEMICAL CHANGES CAUSED BY THE INFECTION IN QUESTION. I will call it Bartonella for now, and I DO KNOW what it effects and does not effect, based on full time reading, and misc. treatment failures--my full practice--explored very intensely over the past seven years.

Any thing that says Fry "knowingly" misrepresented something intentionally is not the lab I know and an error. They knowingly have made massive sacrifices for me, and helped me as an indispensable help.

We do not agree on many things, but that is of no import. The only images book on Babesia and Bartonella is mine, and despite some artifact image errors, and includes very advanced detection samples also added to Babesia 2009 Update. Mycoplasma treatment in traditional and LLMD medicine overlaps, but I do not agree with all of it.

Dr. Steven Fry talk may have pre-dated Ed Breitschwerdt's explosion of data that was partly sent to Dr. Fry by me that confirmed things he wanted more confirmation on. Ed had found areas of support for some of Stephen's concerns which like all labs include very careful wording.

Dr. Fry and Dr. Ellis are very close watchers of the published explosion of new Babesia and Bartonella species and certainly strains.

They DO have a high degree of interest in classification which I see as interesting BUT BASED ON MY INHERITED FAILURE PRACTICE DOES NOT ALTER MY POSITIONS IF WE CALL IT AXAX40, or Bartonella or 123GGGeperythrozoons.

I feel as a clinician with 12 TBD books, two papers under former editor of JAMA, a former editor of 40 top journals, and other materials, and a biofilm treatment and Babesia 7th text on treatments coming, is I care less about the name and care MORE what kills it.

If it was a very new organism without tens of thousands of positives, the classification might offer a starting point, now it does not.

And mycoplasma treatment and issues is old news. It is always worth discussing, and I strongly agree we are not done with mycoplasma for the rest of our lives.

The poster is a smart genius lawyer with a very high interest and passion for medical science who I respect and like. He reads more than most people who treat these conditions. We may disagree on some topics, but who cares?. We both want better care. So we all agree on the problem and share the same goal.

James Schaller, MD, MAR
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