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Serious Complaints of Credit Card Overcharges, Errors and Flawed Reviews

Sample Comments of Real Patients and a few Physcians

St of Bellevue, WA October 21, 2010

Neither my wife nor I knowingly signed up for this company's 9.95 subscription per month for their "Watchdog" report. I just noticed this on our bank statement and found this charge has now appeared for 6 months. Apparently my wife signed up for this when she purchased a report from them because she did not opt out of allowing this to happen.

This is unethical in our minds and based on the complaints found on the Internet similar to this one, we are not the only "stupid" consumers who have been conned into this scheme. I have demanded our money back and cancelled the subscription - I am doubtful that we will have our money returned.

We believe these are unethical business practices and this company should be made to stop stealing money from unwitting visitors to their site.

Dennis of Broken Arrow, OK September 23, 2010

As soon as I noticed recurring billing on my credit card from Health Grades after purchasing a Doctor Report I did a Google search on HEALTH GRADES, IN and it brought me to Health Grades had signed me up for "Watchdog" which I did not order

Phil of Bloomington, MN April 15, 2010 comment stated: "I'm posting a link here in case it can help others in the same situation:" which helped me to cancel subscription. Thank you, Phil and Thank you

Shauna of Carefree, AZ September 10, 2010

I rated a very poor dentist on and because I gave a very poor rating, this survey was not recorded or recognized by When I rated an excellent dentist on, my survey WAS recorded and recognized on their website and also confirmed in an email to me.

This website is NOT properly serving consumers & patients of doctors and dentists by giving "good to excellent" ratings on BAD doctors & dentists when they are NOT deserved! My rating on an awful dentist who performed the worst dentistry in my entire life requiring 25,000 to correct by another dentist was NOT even recorded by

John of Dallas, TX August 24, 2010

I'm yet another victim of the HealthGrades scam. I didn't notice the 9.95/mo. unauthorized charges until 12 months had passed (my fault). I found the page on their website and terminated this "service" and sent an e-mail to their customer service people. I also mailed a letter requesting full reimbursement. If a refund is received I'll advise via a new posting.

This company's business model is based on unethical behavior and deceptive trade practices. It's only a matter of time before a plaintiff's attorney pursues a class action suit. 119.40 to date.

robyn of kansas city, MO August 10, 2010

Failure to provide promised assistance for support or services...tried to cancel and doesn't let me on the computer...can't get a live person so I have faxed all information to them. I just tried them tonight and I thought they charged me twice but my husband said there are three charges pending. I hope that their fax number is correct, and I hope that they will honor their contract saying you can cancel in 1st 24 or 48 hrs.

Bait and switch advertising. Improper and inferior service. You didn't need to buy their service because it didn't give any real information. I am sick with Lyme disease and didn't need this.

E. of Melrose , MA August 6, 2010

I ordered a report on a doctor not realizing I could have gotten the same information from my health insurer's website. Apparently placing this order for this one report automatically enrolled me in a monthly service. I checked by bank statement recently and found 2 charges for 9.95 for this monthly service.

I called Healthgrades and couldn't get through to a person. They give these long instructions on how to cancel the service on their website or by sending them an email. I called my bank and they would stop payment on the automatic debit for a 35 fee OR if I sent Healthgrades an email and they did not comply with my request to stop these deductions AND I had a copy of the email. My bank would at that point stop payment for free. These companies that live off of unethical behavior are pathetic! This will end up only costing me 20-30 dollars, but the amount of time it takes to take care of something like this is very wasteful.

Jance of Munroe Falls, OH August 5, 2010

I made an online purchase of a report on a doctor in February, 2010. I received a minimal report. I thought that was the end of the transaction, but Healthgrades has billed me 9.95 every month for six months for a subscription to a service they call Watchdog. I did not order this service.

I called my credit card company, and they were not helpful except they did provide me Healhgrade's phone number and website. It is extremely difficult to contact Healthgrades--it's the voicemail run-around. However, I remained on the line (even after the line went silent for a while), and a person answered. She referred me to another person, and the line went silent again. I remained on the line and then someone spoke to me. They acknowledged that they had received the-mail I sent asking them to cancel the charges. She said that my subscription was cancelled and that they had credited my credit card for the six months of 9.95 charges.

If they do not comply with my request, I will be forced to cancel my credit card. I can't believe this type of scam can be allowed to continue. I just checked my credit card online, and no credits were posted yet. I will continue to check--hopefully they will do what they said. I will have lost 59.60 unless my credit card is credited for the fraudulent charges. Also, there is the ongoing hassle of not being able to stop this situation and the aggravation of time lost telephoning these thieves.

Ben of DeLand, FL July 28, 2010

Have been billed for 10 months at rate of 9.95 for a subscription that I never ordered or authorized. If you call company, you get recording run-around, but stay on the line and eventually a real person will pick up (after period of silence). On 7/20/10 they agreed to credit all charges back to me. We will see.

Tom of Hoover, AL July 27, 2010

Health grades lists doctors and their practices and patient evaluations. My health grade page shows a primary location in a small rural community where I have a small clinic twice a month. My main location in the Birmingham Area is listed as a secondary location. I need to fix this and the google map that has been in error for 2 to 3 years. Cannot find phone number to Health Grades to talk with someone. Have sent them an email. We are losing many patients because of this error. Loss of patients. Displeased patients

Jon of Seattle , WA July 21, 2010

I would like to alert people to another problem. I am a psychiatrist. I googled my name some time ago and found that Healthgrades gave me all one *---thus a very low rating. This was based on 3 people who supposedly filled out surveys. Some of the questions on the survey do not even apply to psychiatrists and there was not ANY comments i.e. narrative responses. If people I really worked with are motivated to fill out the survey and give me all the lowest marks...wouldn't they say what they were unhappy about?

I contacted Healthgrades about this i.e. could they verify the accuracy of the reports (were they all done on one day? Did they screen for people who send in multiple surveys?) I got no response. I have since found out that there is legal action against Healthgrades for just this sort of defamation of doctors/clinics. It helped me to read this site because it validates my understanding of what sort of company Healthgrades is.

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