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Healthgrades is a massive company that offers a wide range of services to increase patient protection from bad doctors and offers services to bring doctors "good patients" from the 8 million/month coming to their site. The way they determine a top endorsed physician is curious and since even physicians struggle to appreciate experts outside hospitals and political groups most ignore, their criteria might not be reasonable. Hospitals are cutting back and I have rejected every hospital invitation to join because THEY DO NOT MEET MY HIGH STANDARDS OF EXCEPTIONAL MEDICINE. ONLY THOSE LIVING IN THE 60'S THINK THAT ALL THE CREAM IS IN A HOSPITAL. SOME GOOD DOCS ARE ONLY ABLE TO FUNCTION IN A HOSPITAL. BUT DUE TO CUT BACKS AND OVERWORKED NURSES AND OTHER CUT CORNERS, THE USE OF A HOSPITAL AFFILIATION IN 2010 TO DEFINE A TOP MD IS UTTER NONSENSE. I HAVE NO TIME FOR SILLY AND BORING MEETINGS, AND RISKING MY CARREER BEING INVOLVED WITH FAIR QUALITY CARE THAT REQUIRES TIME. INSURANCE WILL NOT PAY FOR TIME, BUT ONLY SPEED AND MILL MEDICINE. SO WHY IS THIS EVEN A PART OF HEALTH GRADES DETERMINATIONS OF A TOP MD?

Here is the bottom line troubles that cause some to be uncomfortable with this business.

1) Charges are slipped in to patients who want to get the good report or bad dirt on a physician to make an informed decision. The purchase of a report, according to many buyers, also enrolls you in hard to see or unclear subscription to special added services not purchased clearly by the patients. This is commonly used by many companies and assumes you are a bit paranoid and looking over the computer monitor with advanced glasses. I have not seen this unintended enrollment page, since I have many advanced ways to evaluate physicians immensely superior to any current company, e.g., I am a researcher familiar with investigation and uncovering medical science skill.

Patients complain the time required to end this monthly charge is very upsetting and that they feel played. Specifically, does not present itself as the type of corporation to use such techniques and patients complain it takes immense time to get troubles resolved.

2) Physicians feel that the rating system has many errors. For example, I clearly and repeatedly sent termination information to a state that I have not lived in for many years. It is a profoundly anti-MD state with massive and bizarre pro malpractice floods, and the only reason they have any physicians is due to so many medical schools. But attack physicians, and they just cut services or reject complex and ill patients—the patients always get burned by the second lottery or junk malpractice cases. Physicians are shrinking in numbers, and smart minds see other careers and vocations as less miserable, less threatening, and which do not require hell for 13 years and massive debt.

So I fired this state and terminated all ties. I hate the cold and they abused my genius top award winning father, who was a "top gun" OB/GYN and an exceptional female endocrine expert and my treasured close mentor—he was many decades ahead of his time.

They ignored my termination letters and forms for about 1/2 a year, and so I just kept my huge renewal fee-used to hire experts to bother good MD's to pay dubious "experts" who have not even practiced medicine for 25 years—money better spent on any charity.

So a year later, I am told I was granted my voluntary surrender-for non-discipline reasons. I did not "surrender" anything, they were defeated in losing someone in the top 1% in research cutting edge publishing and a "Top Doctor" and a "Best Doctor of America" per MD Peers. Amazingly, Healthgrades reported I was sanctioned and disciplined by this state. Emails from the state's medical board's direct email office site were ignored reporting a web post error repeatedly. Healthgrades "tried" to contact the board, and since no prompt reply, and likely trivial efforts regarding confirming my clean record, and they rejected faxes of legal document copies of board clarity documents, so they opted not to keep trying, to determine if an error was made, they sent an email to many of my top lawyer consultants and I, thier decision to leave clearly false information until someone besides them fixed this defamatory or lazy investigation with a clear an obvious email reporting it was nonsense on the states website from the state.

Amusingly, since one of my top brain surgeon MD/lawyer pals and I actually know how to work, we got repeated replies from the state quickly, who seemed willing to give fax, address, contact name and phone number, to fix this error which they said yet again was nonsense—no discipline or any mark existed against me. [And a recent report in Florida quoting this healthgrades error was proven to be 100% bad faith report and we will be seeking a highly aggressively "bad faith" felony criminal accusation against an MD, and this will also be added to the federal defamation suits in process which will be initiated by a win, with even pro-privacy Google handing over full identification information and address in which amusingly someone who is not a peer of a college student in pre-med calls me a "quack." The federal courts will obviously rule as civil defamation, and aggressive damages will be sought on all items and even disability checks.]

Anyway, perhaps it was the threat to add them to our Federal case, or they got the information they needed, but I wasted nine hours plus and immense time of a top lawyer, a top physician, and my staff to fix this error. If you are going to do something, do it right, or get out of the way. If we could get the information clarified and fast, and health grades rejected legal documents from us, and emails from the state reporting errors, and could not contact an agency with many ways to be contacted, are they to be trusted? You decide. Do you want your bypass done by someone who makes partial efforts and then just stops working because "I tried." Hardly.

Finally, both patients and physicians feel flaws in the reporting of physicians makes useless. Patients are annoyed poor healers are not clearly posted when they post. Patients want a platform to report clear and valid trouble with their care.

On the other hand, physicians are now very aware that often a couple character disordered folks, present in most medical offices, expect parent level care, exceptional quality, and perfect outcomes. If unhappy for a fair reason, they will find ways to run up bad ratings, when the person has very good patient-MD relations with 95 plus % of their patients. Such patients will never find care in the coming years as MD numbers drop with the aging population and the avoidance of high risk patients. Unhappy patients are seen as dangerous and will be terminated in a day as insurance payments do not cover the % of massive overhead. Physicians see these "reviews" as an abused "service" and increasingly are taking actions, including court orders for the ID's of dubious reports posted. Amusingly, we have won every court order and have the full ID's/IP'S/addresses, etc of all fake patients and actual thieves who have posted nonsense. A couple were real patients who lied per our extensive documented comments including praise for our work in their last final contacts. In follow up, they were sicker than when under our care.

Just understand, now most smart young adults do not want to be physicians and once in the field for 20 years or less, try to get out stunningly fast. One exceptional pediatrician and friend, bagged medicine and is doing fantastic in every way with her specialty ethnic diners. Medicine is now controlled by lawyers and insurance, and paper "documents come before people" in a profession of hell lawsuits with more malpractice lawyer comercials than car commercials—so they are amazingly rich for such immense advertising. Further, medical practice and advances are under the state "oversight" with lawyer lead physician board members, who think they are more than mere politically appointed people—one board president was blunt that these are usually rewards for service in political medicine, "connections" or some other governor goal. In studies, many board physicians are limited or fair about many serious areas of medicine. Their CV's show they are not the best and broadest minds in their states. So this is another reason physicians now are offered board annoyance/investigation insurance—another new trauma turning off MD's and leading to retirement, other careers or limitations of service. Of course, if a nonsense accusation, counter suit against false reporters is going to be the very routine rule, not the exception. And "hidden" complaints with limited flawed or unclear accusations without strong evidence are ignored quickly and boring. But increasingly will not be forgiven.

3) Errors in the various detials of a medical practice causing less access to patients who do not have many options, and out dated information prevents possible good connection between MD's and their patients.

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