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Eva Sapi, PhD: The Best Lyme Disease
and Bartonella Disease Researcher in the USA?

Dr. Sapi is a very rare mix of superior knowledge, creative study design and immense kindness. Her work is clinically useful very fast. She is profoundly available despite being very busy. Her laboratory also has profoundly advanced equipment. But is she the best on Lyme and Bartonella infections? I think she is a top contender. Why?

Let me merely list the laboratory equipment she has to use, since her papers and research is available in other locations.

Dr. Sapi's husband, Tony, is an executive at a DNA sequencing laboratory. Therefore, DNA sequence analysis with state of the art methods is immediately available to prove the identity of borrelia specimens which are identified in her laboratory.

Conclusion: Read Anything She Writes if You Care About Tick Infections.

Source: A. McDonald, MD NJ

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