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James Schaller Friend Ending Cholera Deaths Haiti

I have had the opportunity to work with a hands on Haitian power lady from a local USA Haitian church that is going back and forth to Haiti and effectively ending the cholera problem where she has set up facilities in the East areas of the island closer to the Dominican Republic. She writes:

THE HAITIAN WOMEN ASSOCIATION OF COLLIER COUNTY Inc.( HWACC ) hereby calls upon your well known generosity Dr. Schaller at a moment when a very important project on behalf of the children of northeastern Haiti is in desperate need of a boost.

The HWACC is a certified non-profit organization founded in September 2003 by mothers of haitian descent who want to lend a hand to needy people in Haiti.

Since we are active mainly in northeastern Haiti,our main project is an orphanage in the town of Fort-Liberte to accommodate the children that already are in our care.The January 12,2010 earthquake and the ensuing cholera outbreak added quite a few more orphans and made an already dire situation even more desperate. The HWACC is confident that you will hear this call.

My Best Regards.

Angela D.Faustin, President

PS.Our email address: hwcc05@gmail.com
Our phone numbers: ..239-200-5435
Fax number..............941-706-7525
Cell number...............239-465-3693


LONDON (AlertNet)

Aid agencies are stepping up their response to rising cases of cholera in Haiti, where days of heavy rain have killed more than 20 people and flooded tent camps sheltering hundreds of thousands of quake survivors.

International humanitarian group Oxfam said the current cholera outbreak in the densely populated Carrefour district, on the western edge of the capital Port-au-Prince, is far worse than last autumn when the epidemic began.

In November, a maximum of 900 cases of cholera were reported there each week, but health organisations are now registering over 300 new cases per day.

FoxNews quote on cholera for first time in a century in Haiti: human waste was dumped by independent contractors into an unsecured pit that was susceptible to flooding in heavy rainfall.

That conclusion, the report notes, mirrors “a commonly held belief in Haiti” virtually from the moment the outbreak began.

But the report buries that central finding under a welter of circumstances that caused investigators to conclude that the outbreak, which is ongoing, “was not the fault of, or deliberate action of, a group or individual.”

The cholera epidemic, which is still ongoing, has killed some 4,500 Haitians through severe diarrhea and dehydration since its outbreak in October 2010. There had been no previous cholera outbreak in Haiti for nearly a century. The report confirms that the specific cholera bacteria involved in the Haitian epidemic are a variant first detected in Bangladesh in 2002, which is even more toxic than other cholera strains found in South Asia.

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